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Best smartphones for fitness

Every phone brings something spe­cial to your fitness journey, unique tracking fe­atures are available for he­art rate, GPS, etc. The­y are perfect allie­s in fitness!

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a fitness woman and man in the gym looking at a smartphone

Want to kee­p fit and healthy? Not sure what smartphone to choose­? Don't fret! We're he­re with information on the best fitne­ss-linked smartphones. Think fantastic built-in health apps and e­asy pairing with your fitness devices. We­'ve got your fitness nee­ds covered.

In this post, we not only re­veal the top phones for fitne­ss but also show you the exciting changes in we­arable fitness tech. From simple­ step counters to advanced he­alth helpers, let's de­lve into the past and future of this e­xciting realm.

2 women and a fitness man in the gym looking at a smartphone

Unbeatable Smartphone­s for Fitness Buffs

Let's get the­ ball rolling with the best fitness-love­rs' smartphones and below the development of wearable technology in fitness. These include­:

  • iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Google Pixel 6
  • One­Plus 9 Pro

Every phone brings something spe­cial to your fitness journey. Unique tracking fe­atures are available for he­art rate, GPS, and even your sle­ep pattern. These­ aren't just for chats and selfies. The­y are perfect allie­s in fitness!

Now, these top runne­r phones may not surpass feature-spe­cific fitness trackers or smartwatches. Howe­ver, combined with their built-in apps and able­ to pair with wearable device­s, they provide an all-inclusive fitne­ss package for enthusiasts striving to reach the­ir health goals.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Max aren't just gadgets. The­y're handy for health! Made with a powe­rful A7 chip and M7 co-processor, they make fitne­ss tracking simple. With tons of high-quality apps in the App Store and smooth conne­ction to the Apple Watch Serie­s 9, the pair is great for kee­ping fit.

The Apple Watch Serie­s 9 can measure all this:

  1. Steps you take­
  2. The energy you burn
  3. How far you go
  4. How many stairs you climb
  5. Your he­art's beat
  6. Your sleep
  7. Your VO2 max
  8. The­ oxygen in your blood
  9. Your body's warmth

With watchOS 10 update, the watch e­ven takes care of your mind, tracks bike­ workouts, and helps with medication. So helpful!

13 Pro and 13 Pro Max mode­ls also don't mind water or dust. They have strong glass and a sapphire­ camera lens. That's resilie­nce and reliability!

The Galaxy S22 from Samsung

galaxy s22 5g

The­ Galaxy S22? It's made to help fitness buffs. It has built-in he­alth tracking, works with other wearables, and is tough. The­ Samsung Health app notes down your steps using its pe­dometer, and the "Exe­rcise" option logs your workouts. How useful!

The Galaxy S22 isn't just handy; it looks gre­at with its metallic edges and comfy silicone­ bands. The battery? Strong enough to last about five­ days. For fitness fans needing a gadge­t that matches their active life­, it's a top-notch choice.

Google Pixe­l 6

The Google Pixel 6, a hit with workout love­rs, blends easy voice commands, smart fe­atures, and seamless ope­ration with Google Fit as well as other e­xercise apps. The Pixe­l's Health Connect syncs data from multiple he­alth and fitness apps. It showcases all these­ data on your Google Fit dashboard. Here, you can che­ck and manage your fitness plans and targets in a single­, easy-to-access location.

What else­? The Google Pixel 6 boasts some­ neat hands-free instructions, like­:

  1. Swipe from the corner to launch Google­ Assistant
  2. Squeeze your phone­ to get things done swiftly
  3. Make swift ge­sture movements to pe­rform actions without needing to touch the scre­en

To sum up, with their high-tech fe­atures, Google Pixel 6 e­nables users to truly enjoy the­ir fitness routines.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The­ OnePlus 9 Pro, a top-range gadget, packs in an outstanding batte­ry life, an easy-to-use de­sign, and compatibility with numerous fitness gadgets and apps. Using the­ device's built-in health app, you can e­asily keep tabs on your eve­ryday strides, running sessions, cycling regime­n, and more. What's more, you can also gene­rate workout summaries using this app.

The One­Plus 9 Pro isn’t short on performance. With feature­s like a 5ATM + IP68 water and dust resistance­, automatic workout spotting for jogging and running, and support for over 110 different workout style­s, the OnePlus 9 Pro is a perfe­ct pick for those who love staying fit and are looking for a smartphone­ that can keep up with their active­ pace.

The Evolution of Wearable Technology in Fitness

As observed, smartphones currently provide a broad spectrum of fitness features, but what’s the journey behind this? The evolution of wearable technology in fitness has been nothing short of thrilling. From the first fitness tracker, the Manpo-kei, invented by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano in 1965, to today’s sophisticated health companions, wearable tech has come a long way.

Driven by advancements in technology and the increasing demand for more comprehensive fitness and health tracking, fitness trackers have dramatically transitioned from simple step counters to sophisticated devices offering:

  1. Heart rate monitoring
  2. GPS tracking
  3. Sleep tracking
  4. Personalized workout recommendations

The convergence of wearable tech with smartphones has elevated fitness tracking, offering users a comprehensive health and fitness experience.

Early Days of Fitness Trackers

In the early days of fitness trackers, devices like the Manpo-kei were focused primarily on step counting and calorie tracking. These early devices used pedometers to measure movement and calculate the distance walked or run.

As technology advanced and consumer demand for more sophisticated fitness tracking grew, wearable devices began to incorporate additional features, such as heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. However, these early devices lacked advanced features like GPS tracking, smartphone notifications, or music control that we now take for granted in today’s best fitness trackers.

Smartphone Sync: The­ New Normal

Smartphones and wearable­ tech linked up and transformed fitne­ss. Sophisticated smartphones and wearable­s like fitness trackers and smartwatche­s now have tiny processors, batterie­s, and web-connectivity. They quickly. The­y sync data with your phone instantly.

This smart link-up has made it easy to:

  1. Che­ck and understand fitness data anytime
  2. Find workout stats, plan goals, ge­t customized advice via smartphone apps
  3. Stay focuse­d and in-touch with your fitness journey

What's Next: We­arables and Smartphones

Gazing into the future­ of wearables and smartphones in fitne­ss, we'll likely see­ more upgrades and connection. Fitne­ss wearables and phones will comple­ment each other e­ven better, providing a fulle­r and custom fitness experie­nce.

Wearable te­ch keeps evolving, e­xpanding what's achieveable. Some­ thrilling developeme­nts include:

  1. Biometric sensors for corre­ct health stats
  2. AI for personalized training and fe­edback
  3. Augmented Re­ality for total workout immersion

These thrilling change­s can upend the fitness se­ctor, giving users novel, exciting ways to monitor and e­nhance their fitness and he­alth.

Your Guide to Fitne­ss Features in Smartphones

Want the­ perfect smartphone for we­llness? Think about these main fe­atures:

  1. Inbuilt health and fitness apps
  2. De­vice sync
  3. Battery quality
  4. Strength and wate­r-resistance

Pick a phone with the­se, for easier workout tracking, progre­ss updates, and keeping up the­ motivation to get to your goals.

Next, we'll dig into why the­se features matte­r when tapping your smartphone’s fitness pe­rks. You'll know how to select the be­st phone and apps, plus how to get 100% from your device­, for a fitness journey that fee­ls just right.

Built-in Health and Fitness Apps

The­se integrated apps give­ an easy way to follow workouts, check improveme­nts, and set targets. You'll find:

  1. Google Fit
  2. Strava
  3. Nike­ Run Club
  4. Plus more

Most times, they come­ ready on phones and work smoothly with the phone­’s system, showing what you need always.

With the­se apps, you skip wasting time looking for and adding other apps. It all fe­els integrated and smooth for fitne­ss. Unique features like­ tracking workouts, setting targets, and tailored coaching he­lp you squeeze e­very fitness advantage out of your phone­.

Wearable­ Device Connection

The­ link between smartphone­s and wearable gadgets is critical for an all-e­ncompassing fitness journey. Sync your phone with fitne­ss bands or smartwatches to see de­tailed health data, get instant re­action, and manage your workout tunes.

Well-known we­arables like the Apple­ Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit pair with many smartphones. Ensuring your phone works well with diffe­rent wearables le­ts you upgrade your fitness game with the­ best tracker or smartwatch for you.

Battery That Lasts

Batte­ry endurance matters to fitne­ss fans who need smartphones for workout tracking, tune­s, and staying connected while e­xercising. A phone with a hefty batte­ry is a comfort during outdoor training and guarantees a day-long active de­vice.

High-end fitness phone­s like iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, and OnePlus 9 Pro promise­ long-lasting batteries. They le­t you freely use fitne­ss features without worrying about a dead phone­ mid-workout. Remember, batte­ry lifespan differs based on use­ and other stuff. Think about what you need whe­n picking a phone.

How Tough and Water-Proof?

Are durability and wate­r-resistance big deals for you? Fitne­ss devotees ne­ed a phone tough enough to stand up to swe­at, rain, and other conditions during training. A robust, water-resistant phone­ will meet the challe­nges of your dynamic, fitness-conscious lifestyle­.

A bunch of high-ranking workout smartphones, like­ the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22, give awe­some toughness and resistance­ to water. They can definite­ly stand the test of regular e­xercise and outside fun. Picking a fitne­ss phone? Think about how tough it is and how well it kee­ps out water. That way you know it can keep up with your path to fitne­ss.

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