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Automatic trading cryptocurrency bot 3commas

We present a cryptocurrency bot application where you can test and save time for other activities or even work on other investments involving cryptocurrencies.



Do you plan on using the crypto trade bot in your daily work? Is it effective? Let's talk about its benefits!

What is 3commas bot

It is a crypto trading platform. The bot offers different tools for creating portfolios, obtaining specialized knowledge, track exchanges that give users edges regardless of the market situation. Thanks to a simple user-friendly interface, automated bots, a wide range of tools, and a variety of tariff plans, each trader can develop an optimal work strategy for himself.

The bot can use:

  • traders of any level;
  • users who want to control the situation on all exchanges;
  • investors interested in customizing solutions and scaling projects.

Bot features

1. Functionality. The web platform is distinguished by its wide capabilities, deep analytics, and ease of setting parameters. Traders have access to simple, compound, short, compound short bots, the development of working strategies. Additionally, the tools allow traders to specify stop loss and take profit values.

2. Tools. Users are provided with options for trading and analytics, the ability to create crypto portfolios, assess their prospects, and study the differences between portfolios of reputable traders.

3. Technology. Trading is carried out automatically through integration with exchanges. The bot operates around the clock on both PC and mobile devices on Android and iOS.

4. Exchange Integration. Users can work with automated trading bots on 12 exchanges. For example, the development is integrated with Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, KuCoin.

5. Support. The development suggests installing English or Russian. The support service works 24/7. A trader can request a consultation by contacting the Help Center or through social networks and instant messengers (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook). Answers to frequently asked questions and a detailed user guide are provided on the FAQ page.

3Commas helps traders monitor the situation on the exchanges 24/7 and make prompt decisions in case of force majeure. Customize your tools to suit your strategy and sleep well at night.

Market and Economy

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