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Are you looking for a virtual escape room experience like no other?

Want to leave smartphone games aside for a moment? Maybe you like different challenges with friends in these rooms in Canada near Washington state in the USA.


Read more here to find out what Escape Hour is all about in Edmonton, Canada!

The fantastic quest room platform in Canada

Matrix theme (escape room)
Matrix theme (escape room)

The fantastic thing about the virtual escape room in Calgary that Escape Hour is sporting is that everything is virtual, and all you need to know is how to work a computer. Solving puzzles has never been more accessible and fun, and you should test your puzzle skills if you can indeed crack the puzzles coming your way!

Solve the most mind-boggling puzzles!

The puzzles not only take a lot of brain juice to solve, but every room has a theme in mind. So whether it be a mysterious murder you need to solve or a fantasy room where you need to help a particular character, you are bound to make the most out of your puzzle-solving skills to reach the ending of the story you're about to unfold!

Furthermore, you can bring more people to the mix to brainstorm what it is precisely you guys need to do to solve one of the biggest mysteries entering our virtual world. Expect a lot of mind-bending fun that will come out of our virtual escape rooms, and it's up to your group effort to make sure that you will solve the most intricate logical puzzles!

Find some clues!

Prohibition the Lucky Duck (escape room)
Prohibition the Lucky Duck (escape room)

The best part about Escape Hour's virtual room escape puzzles is that you are given context clues within the environment. Play around with what you see inside a specific room, and sometimes, you're going to find critical objects that will help you proceed and escape the twisted tricks and puzzles that you will be facing here.

There's no shortage of objects for you to find, and it's going to give you a tough time to guess which ones are important and which ones are just there as distractions. However, it takes so much out of your brain-power to know what they are, and the moment you find out which ones are supposed to be the key things that will unlock a different area, it's going to feel highly satisfying in the end!

Take Escape Hour's challenges now!

people in the escape hour in canada

Are you convinced of trying out Escape Hour's virtual escape rooms? If you're hosting a party, team building activity, or special occasion, or simply having an enjoyable time, do not hesitate to book a virtual escape room activity now in the Escape Hour to have the most memorable experience in your life!


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