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8 ways to use cell phones for homework

There are applications that store the class schedule for those who constantly forget where and when he has the next pair.


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Most universities prohibit the use of gadgets in the classroom. Teachers believe that students can play games, listen to music, and chat in after-hours, not during the class. Meanwhile, smartphones and tablets can become assistants in the acquisition of knowledge. I can even do my homework online using a smartphone. In this article, you will find many ways to use your smartphone in training.

To Begin with…

It often happens that when translating a text or solving a math problem a student has all the necessary knowledge, but the right word or formula flies out of the head. In this case, take a look at the cheat sheet or dictionary is simply necessary. So in this part, we will look at some programs that can be used more as reference material than as a cheat sheet.

1. Dictionaries

Not only in school, but in general in life, you have to deal with the Spanish language quite often. With all the others you meet on average much less often. Many have a good understanding and are able to communicate in Spanish, but everyone somehow or other regularly has questions that only a dictionary can answer. Pocket dictionaries, in principle, are convenient, but most often they are not rich in content because of their size. Here a mobile phone comes to the rescue, always small and convenient, regardless of the amount of recorded information.

2. Calculators

For those who are closer to the language of numbers, there are also programs. Of course, each mobile phone initially has a factory calculator, but it is only suitable for simple actions. For techies, this is not serious: most tasks require at least an engineering Windows calculator. That is what many programmers are trying to reproduce in Java form. One of the most popular calculators for Siemens at the time was RPN Calc. But its time is gone, and the phone for which it was created (SL45) is outdated. Our developers have been releasing their version of engineering calculators under the name Microsoft Math Solver for several years. The functions and possibilities in the program are really abound. There is the memory of the entered numbers and operations, and the accuracy of up to 16 digits... In general, everything that a person working with numbers may need.

3. Schedule

There are applications that store the class schedule for those who constantly forget where and when he has the next pair. These applications will not only save your schedule in a convenient and visual tablet but will also keep track of time and “remind” when you need to go to a lecture, and when you need to come back to homework.

4. Books

Another valuable feature of your phone is Java books. And it goes without saying that "books" is just a name. The text that you download to your phone can be of any kind in content, size (depending on the phone) and format.

5. The Communication between Students and Teachers

Obviously, a smartphone is a convenient and fast way to communicate with teachers, students, and their parents. Many scientists and teachers are sure that the future of training with the support of information and communication technologies (ICT) depends precisely on the spread of mobile communications, the popularity of smartphones, the emergence of a large number of educational applications and programs, as well as new technologies that expand the capabilities and the quality of education, cheaper mobile services, and wireless Internet access.

6. Educational Mobile Applications

Although mobile applications still have a long way to go before becoming ordinary in every class, the pace of their implementation cannot be ignored. For example, apps that help students learn about constellations offer great ways to interact in the classroom. And, despite the fact that most applications are still able to unite students in small groups, technology is being developed that allows teachers to manage the class from a mobile device while working with the application. Thanks to such developments, teachers are increasingly using electronic resources as a training tool, deepening knowledge.

7. Addition of Real Studying Programs

Mobile phones allow you to receive information anywhere but in accordance with a real training program. Therefore, students can study anywhere and at a convenient time. It is especially pleasing that students will be able to study outdoors, in the open air, for example, in a playground or university field.

8. Distance Learning

Today, mobile devices have become the key to education anywhere. The beauty of distance learning is that students can study outside the classroom without having to worry about missing out on something important.

Thanks to mobile devices, education goes beyond the physical boundaries of the audience. Most of the techniques of traditional pedagogy can be implemented remotely. And mobile devices can be a great learning aid.

Summing up

The educational process, alas, does not attract many. So students and schoolchildren are looking for ways to make their life easier. The phone can be very helpful in learning. In the article, we told you how a mobile phone can help, so use it.

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