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8 time killer apps for boring lectures

If you have attended a long lecture, you might appreciate having ways to manage the boredom and pass the time with these apps.

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Ever been in a classroom where you were bored and wished you were someplace else? If you have attended a long lecture, you might appreciate having ways to manage the boredom and pass the time. There are thousands of games to kill time on the internet. This can make locating the perfect app stressful. Let’s explore the best apps when bored.

Interesting Apps to kill time

1. Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft is a character from a movie that got everyone talking. Lara Croft: Relic Run takes you through the epic world of danger, adventure, and crime. This game relies on the infinite runners’ theme. During your lecture, you might decide “let someone do essay for me, while I play my games to keep busy.”

The game includes a lot of gunslinging, in a variety of settings. If you want a cinematic experience in your lecture room, this is the perfect app to download.

2. Marvel: Contest of Champions

Everyone loves Marvel. If you are looking for a simple game that keeps you engaged, this app is perfect. With lots of characters to be unlocked, the Marvel: Contest of Champions includes several phases of impressive battles. There are also tons of modes to play.

This game will keep you engaged. You might need to be reminded to put it down. Even after your lectures, you might say, “I need to find someone to do my essay while I play this awesome game.” The Contest of Champions is a free app and perfect for filling the boring gaps in your lecture filled days.

3. Word Cookies

Looking for something a bit more mentally engaging? Word Cookies fills this void perfectly. Word Cookies allows you to discover tons of fun word combinations from a bouquet of letters. There are also tons of other word games with the same style and designs.

Other games like TypeShift, Wordscape, Blackbar have the same basic idea. Even nerds get bored in class sometimes. They can use this as a great pass time. Word-based games can also help you combat any guilt you may have about not focusing in class.

4. Four in a Row

Play with an AI in your boring class in this super fun game. Four in a Row is another free game you do not have to pay for. You can engage the AI on different levels. This means it can either be tough or easy.

Another fun feature of this game is that you can play with a friend. Four in a Row allows you to invite a friend while playing. It can be another classmate of yours or someone outside your lecture room. It also has a limited amount of ads.

5. Vector

Does anyone remember the Vector? This fighting game has a 2D look that is captivating. The flow of this game is rhythmic and engaging as opposed to being too fast. In the game, you effortlessly run from the police and other antagonists. You also pass through several hoops. The missions in the game are perfect for small breaks in between schedules, like you would have during lectures.

6. 2048

This classic game has fast become one of the most popular ways to pass the time in classes. The game operates on basic elementary math principles. The goal is to get the numbers to add up to 2048 without filling up the game board. You do this by swiping the tiles provided.

7. QuizUp

Love having random bits of information about everything? You’ve just found the perfect app for you when you are bored. You can use this app to keep interested while you pay to have perfectly written works with good titles for essays. You might not be interested enough to do essay writing yourself.

QuizUp allows you to answer tons of questions, giving you great trivia information. There is also a community that helps you to engage with other people. This means you can have multiple players on a quiz. This is an excellent way to keep the boredom at bay.

8. Flow Free

Last on this list is Flow Free. The entire concept of this game is to connect the same colored dots. This might appear easy and uninteresting, but it isn’t. The dots are put in awkward positions, making it harder to connect as the game progresses. The game is also timed.

The pace and locations of the dots are what makes it appealing. This game is particularly popular. This is because it is easy to play on the go, or in this case, while a lecture is ongoing. If you fear that your lack of focus might be noticed, Free Flow allows you to manage this.

These apps are designed to keep you entertained. Some of them are cinematic; others are infinite runners. There are several apps that you can be engaged with during a lecture. The ones mentioned above are perfect apps for boredom. Pick your poison and start looking forward to your lectures.

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