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8 must-have mobile apps for 2019

We have drawn out a comprehensive list of 8 must-have mobile apps - which will serve you just right.


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Your mobile device can serve as your dear companion; it just depends on the type of apps which make it to your home screen. There are so many applications available on Google play store (over 3.5million application), this implies that you might, therefore, be faced with the problem of "not knowing the right kind capable of providing you with satisfaction and entertainment". Since preferences exist based on priorities and individual choices, it might seem like a herculean task to make a comprehensive list of the caliber of apps capable of whetting your appetite.

However, we have got you covered; having properly examined and underscored different applications, we have drawn out a comprehensive list of 8 must-have mobile apps - which will serve you just right!

Come with me!

You can win jackpots with Lottoland. This mobile app, which comes first on our list, is known to be the best route to winning the world's biggest jackpots. It offers special discounts and features. Once you hit the jackpot, you get automatic win notifications, to enable you check draw results. With the Lottoland app, you can play your way to millions by "punching-in" your winning numbers from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Evernote comes in second on the list. It is an essential application which enhances your ability to multi-task so many activities. Here is the beautiful thing about Evernote- it is an all-round digital multifunctional tool which enables you to keep a comprehensive list, record activities or events and manage other activities. It also has a special feature: the Optical Character recognition, which makes it possible for little details such as texts in photos—easily searchable.

Have you heard about Dashlane? Now you have! It is a must-have for your Android device because it is an important password manager. A Password manager enables you to sync your password across different routes such as iOS devices, your Android device, your Windows and MacOs. Dashlane thus makes it less stressful for you to protect your online identity as well as update old passwords. Its features enable serves excellence all form your mobile device.

Next up, is the Snapseed. If you enjoy taking pictures, especially selfies, you will find this app rather interesting. Snapseed is an app form Google which functions partly as an image editor and also a photo filter app. It enables you to apply beautiful effects and filters to your images, giving you beautiful and wowing images. It is a fast and efficient option for photographers who have to get quick jobs done.

If you love music, then you will definitely love Spotify. Spotify offers you different genres of music on your android app. It helps you enjoy different music flavors and jam to a wide variety of hit songs on your way to work or during leisure. It is one interesting device which enables you to switch playback from one device to another remotely. It is a multi-device.

american football

For lovers of sports, you will find ESPN and CBS Sports quite appealing. ESPN keeps you updated about the happenings in sports all over the world while CBS Sports keep tabs of news stories, analysis and personalized scores of your favorite sports team. CBS Sports also has an interesting feature which allows for streaming of NCAA Basketball and other sports tour. Another interesting feature is the sports radio for a live broadcast. You are bound to follow up on all the latest trends in sports with the app. Make these apps a must-have.

We can't wrap this all up without talking about an app that helps out with cash; Quickbooks helps in money management by providing you with the "accountant's" insights to your finances.

There you have it! The top 8 apps that will serve as an "on-the-go" assistant for you!


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