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7 convenient small business phone systems for smooth communication

Does your business need more than one landline? Here are some of the best small business phone systems for multiple lines and fuss-free communication.


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Is your current business landline doing what you need it to? Perhaps you are missing important calls and unable to cope with the telephone needs of your employees?

This is where you need to think about multiple line systems for your business. You will never miss an important call again!

In this article, we will explain to you the 7 best small business phone systems on the market right now.

Flexible communication is essential for any small business who is handling clients, partners, or potential customers. Don't miss out on sales and deals because people can't get hold of you!

Read on to find out more about how telephone systems can help your business grow.

1. Grandstream GXP2130

This wired, multiline telephone set offers 3 lines and 4-way conferencing. It has touchscreen capability and an 8 number speed dial so you can get in touch with main employees quicker and easier.

It has HD audio which means that the voice quality and sound should be excellent whether speaking through the handset or on speakerphone.

The conferencing function is a particular bonus if you need to be having regular conference calls with a number of participates. It is a reliable VoIP phone system for any small business. It can also be less tiring than video conferencing, which can leave people feeling sluggish and fatigued.

If you get a lot of calls you might need to consider setting up a second line, the best second line app is iPlum. They offer a premium, yet affordable service with a simple set-up.

2. Polycom VVX300 IP Phone

This wired system can accommodate up to six lines at any one time and has a price point that is favorable in comparison to its capabilities.

It offers the core functions of what a multiline phone system needs without all the added and unnecessary extras. Its simple and easy design means it's great to fit in with any small business, regardless of its IT department.

It has 6-speed dial keys, hold and mute functions and an easy to use interface to allow even the newest of receptionists feeling confident to use it.

3. Uniden DECT4096 DECT 6.0

This phone system is a benefit for businesses with repeat callers as it has Caller ID and a 50 caller phone book to track who has called and when.

It has one base with up to 10 handsets that can be mobile units for ease of calling and moving around. The system features a do not disturb mode and alarm clock to schedule periods of activity when your business can't receive calls. This is great for businesses that have set hours of working.

The system also has intercom and call transferability between handsets, ideal if you have clients or customers who might need to speak to multiple departments.

4. Gigaset C530IP

This cordless design has landline/IP functionality with the option to add 5 more handsets. Its simple design is attractive to businesses that want the option to either use it over the landline or the internet.

It has a 1.8-inch good quality color display, that allows important clients or customers to have their own customized ringtone so an employee knows who is calling without even having to look.

5. VTech DS6151

This phone system encrypts and digitizes incoming and outgoing calls to maximize your level of privacy. This is great for businesses that deal with sensitive or protected information, giving them extra peace of mind.

You can expand to up to 12 handsets with 1 base handset, which is ideal for any business that has multiple departments. Each handset is given its own extension and mailbox so that employees can check in on their own messages.

There is also an option where employees can ring in from anywhere to check in on their voicemails, which is beneficial for businesses that have people who are out of the office a lot.

6. AT&T 1070

This model has 4 lines, with up to 32-speed dial options and sixteen intercoms. The interface allows three-part conferencing and speakerphone capacities.

This is ideal for businesses that require a lot of multiple department meetings and conferencing between employees. They are able to communicate with ease, with a choice of 16 different workstations.

It has a 9V battery backup on all four lines so your call and sound quality should remain consistent at all times.

The screen set-up and navigation isn't the best in terms of what else is on the market, but it is still a reliable choice for any small business.

7. Yealink SIP-T46S IP Phone

This model is a midrange system with a handy color display that is 4.3-inch in size. The system is button operated as opposed to a touchscreen that can sometimes attribute to human error.

It boasts excellent call quality, which can facilitate up to 16 workstations. The handset is wall mountable which is great for any businesses that have a lot of movement within the office or workspace as opposed to being seated at a desk.

The handset doesn't have WIFI capacity built into it, so if you are wanting a device that is able to go on the internet you will need to purchase a dongle.

It also doesn't require a power supply and has a POE built into the unit itself. If you have a busy and fast-paced workplace with multiple departments, this could be a great system for you.

Small Business Phone Systems: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope this article on the 7 best small business phone systems has helped you with making a decision on which would be the right option for your business.

Every phone system has different benefits and facets that will facilitate different kinds of small businesses. Whether you need multiple lines, WIFI capability, or a large number of workstations, there is a phone system for your purposes.

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