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6 best time management apps for students

We have put in our list 6 of the most useful time management apps to keep your daily routine in order.


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Someday artificial intelligence will break the time limits, there will be more hours in a day... and we still will not have enough of them. After all, the problem is not how much time you have, but how you use it. And in this sense, technology is already able to help us. For various reasons, a modern person often does not have enough time to cope with all the tasks. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue to help optimize hours spent on work and play. We've put in our list 6 of the most useful time management apps to keep your daily routine in order.

1. Agnessa Mini

The primary concern in time management is, obviously, plans arranging. Fortunately, AgnessaMini is most appropriate for this. It has basic, easy to understand interface. ln the application, you can make plans for the day, add tasks to the schedule, and set up notices. Objective Planner permits you to break enormous undertakings into little stages and timetable cutoff times for every one of them. Extra decent features incorporate insights assortment, the capacity to keep a journal, repeating notifications, and work offline.

2. EssayShark

EssayShark is an app for essay writing where you can order any written work. A team of professionals will perform it at the highest level, even in a very short time. The company has been helping students with their homework for many years and will undoubtedly free you from this routine. The interface available to everyone and the ability to choose a writer for their work make this application irreplaceable in the life of a student.

3. TimeTune

The most rated time management application is TimeTune today. This scheduler is quite flexible: it can control your time for one day, week or even a month, taking into account nonstandard work schedules, for example, flexible or night. You can also create a schedule for other people, subordinates, or children so that they remember what and when they need to do it. To quickly find the desired task, there is a system of tags, which, however, can be supplemented and corrected, just like the notification sounds. The paid version of the program allows you to paint the theme in different colors, and, more importantly, delete unnecessary daily tasks and sync with the Google calendar.

4. Mind42

Mind42 is a free service based on the Mind Map technique. The program creates a visual map-scheme of actions, events, activities, information that can be designed using pictures, inscriptions, and keywords. It is convenient to organize and memorize large amounts of information through the service, organize work, and complete tasks more efficiently. At the same time, the service can be used not only for time management but also for memorizing foreign words, creating a project mind map, etc.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a well-known program and has been favored (according to Google Play) by The New York Times and PC Mag. When loading, we are met by the need to register. In general, this is not surprising, because many of these applications are tied to an account and allow you to synchronize multiple devices. We enter the mail, come up with a password. Next, a training program is launched, which describes step by step how to use the application. Evernote has the ability to create different types of notes: both text and audio, photos. You can write them by hand (apparently, for those who like drawing notes or use a stylus).

A sufficient number of additional functions are attached to the notes: set a reminder (alarm clock icon), add tags (shortcut), attach a picture or another file to the text, arrange using various fonts and formatting (available for text notes). Naturally, notes can be named and sorted into different notebooks. For each note, its own reminder is configured - notification by vibration and sound, the name of the note appears on the screen.

It is worth noting that Evernote, even in the free version, has fairly wide functionality, and, in principle, the basic free version is more than enough to organize your affairs. The application is also available for users of Apple products.

6. Smarter Time

Smarter Time is a multi-platform service for managing affairs from any device. This time management app has nice graphics and automatic activity tracking. Thanks to it, the user receives categorized analytics by days, weeks, hours, and for the entire tracking time.

Why you should try it:

  • A colorful and convenient type of analytics.
  • The ability to use from a mobile device and a computer.
  • A sleep tracker helps you recover your strength properly.
  • The functionality of creating and tracking goals contributes to the formation of productive habits.

Summing up

Everyone dreams of managing time. But if it is not yet possible to build a time machine, and if anyone knows how to do it, he/she will still not tell us, then everyone can master the method of "time management". We have shared with you the most useful services for time management, which we knew ourselves and we really hope that they will help you.


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