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6 best free ebook reader apps for iOS and Android

Having an E-book reader on a smartphone or PC has become necessary for anyone living in the millennial era.


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Digitalized age has affected the quality of our life in all areas. For instance, it became easier to combine studying and traveling – we can go anywhere with as many books as possible without adding any weight to our traveling bags. Imagine, if you had to carry 52 books when traveling to a foreign state to study. Why carry books from Paris to San Diego, when you can access thousands of books on an e-book reader app?

Having an E-book reader on a smartphone or PC has become necessary for anyone living in the millennial era. Most documents are in PDF formats, and accessing them through an e-book reader has made life a lot easier.

In schools today, most handouts, essays, and assignments are given and submitted in PDF formats requiring students and tutors to use an e-book reader. In a world where time seems to fly, seeking assistance online can help save time. Most websites offer assignment writing services in PDF format to people looking for a reliable assignment service. These services also deliver essay and writing service in any format readable by any e-book reader can search online. E-book readers can also help save time by using the speech-to-text feature. Using a speech-to-text app helps you do other activities as you listen to the words being read out from your favorite novels and books.

Many e-book reader apps have been created to cater to the reading needs of people today. Many of these apps have features that allow book readers read for free before upgrading to a premium account. These apps are built specifically to fit the specs of any device. Devices such as Android, Mac book, IOS, Windows, etc. each have e-book apps tailored to be compatible with them.

Amazon Kindle

Created by Amazon, thousands of free books and other materials are available on this app, making it by far the most popular among many e-book readers. Amazon Kindle uses the unique, innovative technology of Amazon to help users sync their last read pages, save bookmarks, and highlight notes across all devices. A dictionary is built into the app to help users search for words while reading.


This is another popular app common among mobile phone users. It has features that help users adjust the font size, style, and background settings. One of its cons is that the Aldiko reader does not save your last read page. However, this issue can be addressed by importing whatever book and storing the book on the app's virtual shelf.

Cool reader

One of its most unique feature about this app is, asides allowing users to read books for free, it will enable a free speech-to-text feature. The palette is fully customizable, and the scrolling is smooth and seamless, offering a pleasant reading experience. Information such as percentage read and page count is provided at the top of the screen so users can know how far they've covered into the book. Supporting a wide range of document format such as txt, HTML, rtf, fb2, etc., Cool reader is one of the best free reading apps people can have on their smartphones.


Just recently featuring a serial reading experience, this app by Barnes and Noble can sync users read pages on their phones and desktops. You can also adjust the brightness of the app to your comfort. The Nook e-book reader is available to virtually everyone as it works on Windows, Android, and iOS.


One of the appealing features of this app is its friendly user-interface. Easiness to find books across the site using the search bar, or by simply inputting the book code. Changing the background color is fun and can be done with ease. Font size and styles can be customized to fit users' taste. Another unique feature is that the app allows a book reader to download books in parts. This is especially beneficial for readers who like to place a measurement on how much they've read.


With its special feature called social reading, this app gives the user the ability to share quotes, notes and also discuss books on Facebook. The app has a vast database of books—though not as huge as Amazon and Nook in comparison, yet it is a repository packed with content that will easily pique the interest of a book reader. The app is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Well, there you have it – the six best and most commonly used e-book reader apps. When starting to use any of them, try to choose one that has features to enable you to customize your fonts and background. Go for an app that allows you save your last read page and syncs it across your other devices, and lastly, an app with a speech-to-text feature.

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