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6 apps for beating exam stress

The exam period is difficult for any student. Here is a list of applications that will help you relax before the exam and relieve stress.


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The period when there are exams is pretty stressful for students. Tests require concentration to address pressure associated with strained intellectual work. Sometimes anxiety is tough and can negatively affect person’s health. There are many ways to cope with pressure. Meditation before exam is one of them. However, sometimes it doesn’t work, and students need more effective tools for addressing stress. Here is when stress reducing apps are coming into action, and we’re going to discuss a few of them in this article.

How to Relax before Exams

Let’s consider the reasons and effects of stress. Stress during exams is caused not only by the responses of the nervous system but by poor time management. Quite often, students tend to do something the last moment. If you can manage your time more effectively, stress can be reduced. If you know that all your tasks are under control, the level of stress will be low.

Meditation is another way to relax before exams. Just close your eyes and imagine how you finish your essay and get good grades. The Universe will help you make your dreams come true. Not that many people believe this technique can help, but this works indeed.

Apps to Relieve Stress

There are many apps to relieve stress, but all of them act differently. One of the ways to reduce stress is to allocate your time more effectively and to adhere to the schedule set. Other apps can help maintain normal breath because when you’re anxious, your breathing is interrupted. Motivational ones help focus on studies not being distracted by friends and social networks. All these are designed to reach different goals. Let’s consider several examples of apps helping cope with stress.


In general, to understand how stress influences students, there is no need to write an essay about stress causes and effects. However, if you want to do research and to write an essay on stress, you can find many free examples of these kinds of essay as well as the samples of various topics on the internet.

Using a motivational app like HabitBull can help not only to complete stress essays but also to improve overall attitude to studies. The major issue for students is distractions. It’s easy to lose focus when having so many entertainments around you. Internet, social media, friends, phone games, and family offer many pleasant activities to join while you should concentrate on your studies. It’s not easy to resist, but HabitBull can help you stay motivated. With the help of this app, you can track your good habits and see the score of your success. For example, if you manage your daily routines well, the app gives you a positive score. This helps control the process of studying, passing exams, and completing written tasks.

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Clockwork Tomato

What can help manage your time more effectively and reduce stress than a time management app? Clockwork Tomato is one of the stress apps that can help you boost productivity and focus on task completion. It is based on the “Pomodoro technique” that breaks down working time into short periods (less than 30 minutes). This technique helps manage the workload and stay concentrated on the task. You can use the app when you have to complete an essay or a research paper. Clockwork Tomato breaks the process of writing into several manageable parts and maintains appropriate work dynamics.

ReachOut Breathe

During the term, many students got familiar with tight sensation in a chest when being anxious. ReachOut Breathe app can help you keep your breathing in control. This app can be useful when you experience stress. You can see your breathing and heart rate when you open ReachOut Breathe. It’s easy to download, use and navigate the screens.

My Fitness Pal

It may sound surprising, but exercising during exams is essential. Don’t worry if it takes the time you could spend on preparing for an exam or writing an essay. After practicing sports, you can spend less time on these activities because fitness refreshes body and mind thanks to the increased metabolism. My Fitness Pal also helps choose the right food. Many students underestimate the power of healthy foods, preferring fast food options. This is the wrong strategy as the food we consume makes an impact on our mental abilities. Using this app, you can count calories and fuel your body with necessary vitamins. Try it, and you will see the difference.

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During exams, students take a lot of notes to shape their thoughts. OneNote allows to type and draw anything you need to memorize. If you, for example, study art, you can easily pull up content from any website and download images on your phone or laptop. You can start using it on the computer and then make updates with the help of your smartphone as it’s very flexible.


Recharge is the app that helps control your sleeping cycle. Needless to explain that control over sleeping hours is essential as your body recovers from everyday stress at night. You may get to bed late, wake up early but stay fresh using Recharge. It helps track your sleeping hours, offers ideas for morning exercises to wake up in a good mood.

Innovative technologies offer a great number of practical apps to solve student’s issues. Why not let modern technology to be your helper in studies? By using the apps above, you can organize your workload more effectively, meet deadlines and make best out of yourself. Try these apps to become more efficient and improve your grades.


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