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5 ways you are being tracked and how to stop it

In this digital world, all our activities are monitored and tracked, yet we have the power to control and stop this digital tracking. See 5 ways you are being tracked and how to stop it.


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The concept of digital security is a contradiction in terms. For instance, if our mobile has an advertising ID which is intended to assist our address private. No, I'm not astonished. That doesn't happen to my friends or me. Notice you should delete the advertising ID by tapping or clicking.

It's not just advertising that is eavesdropping on you. We never realize who'd be lurking in our financial transactions. To ensure the safety of our Facebook, Google, and Netflix credentials, simply tap or click to do a quick security check. Let's explore some ways, how you are tracked and how you can stop it.

1. Cookies Collection

It happens once you start using your mobile, laptop, or pc to access the internet, then you are collecting cookies. This tiny incoming information keeps track of the places you checked regularly. Your Personalized settings, marketing data, along with like characteristics are stored in cookies.


Choose the Dark Mode. Your search engine will never collect your online activity, cookies plus related sites, & the content you submit in applications if you're using Incognito mode. Therefore, in this period, any saved items or favorites are kept by the software.

An additional layer of security can be gained by using the virtual private network. With your gadgets connected to the internet, a VPN protects them from prying eyes. Thus you can use an encrypt website via VPN services. Your Internet protocol position & geographic place are both obscured. All info is also encrypted when the user leaves the device and travels to a web page.

2. Spam Emails

Consider anything you now have in your mail inbox. Even these electronic texts may cause a lot of harm if they fall into criminal hands.

Solution: Use Encryption

All emails can be protected from cybercriminals, fraudsters, & other snoopers by using encrypted communications. Cybercriminals will only be able to decipher garbage if you use this method to encrypt all your emails.

3. Apps You Used Monitor You

There is no doubt about what you've been doing for the last several days, weeks, or even longer. Check your device's permissions right if you've not already in a while.

Solution: Settings Changes

  • Select and go to Settings, then click Privacy.
  • Go to System Services, then choose Geolocation.
  • Select Relevant Places to have a list of all the places you visited, and turn it off entirely.

4. Your Social Network TV Monitoring You

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Even the streaming platforms you use to keep tabs on your habits. Logic dictates that this is correct. To help you decide what to watch on Hulu & Netflix, plus on other platforms, you all need to understand whatever you wish to watch.


You must clean up your Netflix watching record on a daily basis to enjoy a further solitary experience. There's no need to worry about it because Netflix has made it simple:

  • Enter the Netflix account on
  • Until you go to the icon setting, choose your profiles and press an account symbol that shows on the top.
  • On the right side at the top corner of the screen, choose Account, select Identity and Personal Controls.
  • You could access your personal account by pressing the account icon. Finally, choose Activity & detail of history Viewing.
  • To erase an item from your follow record, choose the menu and press the right-side circle corner of each entry. To delete all of your viewing records, go to the end of the page and select "hide all".

5. Even Google Monitor Your Actions

Even when you are not sure about anything you wish, Google usually appears to possess it. All results, presses, communication, and query are monitored by Google. Remove all web searches and activities occasionally.


Enter into your Google account by clicking & tap on the circle icon with your picture or username at the top of the right hand. Choose Customize your Google Account.

Browser & Application Movement, Browsing History, and YouTube History all have tickboxes placed near them. Changing your preferences is as simple as clicking on each one. Switch them off if you don't want to be tracked anymore.


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