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5 ways to keep your phone running like new

If you want to keep your smartphone running like new, here are a few simple maintenance tips.


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When you get a new smartphone, you will no doubt be dazzled by all its different features and enjoy many hours playing with your device. Jump forward to a year or two later, and unfortunately, many phones start to slow down, run out of battery quicker, or simply become less user-friendly. If you want to keep your phone running like new, here are a few simple maintenance tips.

1. Get a great case and screen protector

Phones are getting slimmer, and the metal on the back can get incredibly slippery, which means it’s easy to get a cracked screen or dent on your brand-new device. That’s why it’s worth investing in a decent case from a site like, as if you drop your phone, the damage is to the exterior shell, not the phone itself. Buying cheap phone cases and screen protectors is a false economy, as they may not offer the same level of protection, so you end up with a costly repair bill.

2. Make sure you install software updates

There are a number of reasons why you need to install software updates, including:

  • It keeps your phone secure
  • It ensures your phone is running optimally
  • Certain apps will only run on newer versions of software, so if you don’t update, you risk losing access to them

It’s very straightforward to check for software updates on your phone, and you can usually set it to update automatically if you’re someone who hates having to remember to check. If your phone is lagging or not running correctly, this is an excellent place to start.

3. Uninstall useless apps

Even brand-new phones come preloaded with a bunch of apps you’re unlikely to use. Has anyone in history ever used the weather app? Luckily, you can remove most of this stuff pretty easily, giving you precious space that’ll keep your phone running efficiently. Having a few useful apps is much better for your phone that overloading it with things you never use.

4. Store files in the cloud

Another thing that’ll slow your phone down over time is files such as photos. Fill your device with files and there’s less space for useful functions to run. Many iPhones will send your photos directly to iCloud, but if you have an Android device, you may need to set up cloud storage and auto sync on your phone. Most cloud services have a small subscription fee, which is worth it if you like having plenty of free space.

5. Do a factory reset

If you have an old phone that’s severely lagging, and you have tried many different steps only to find no difference, then it might be worth doing a factory reset. This removes all old data off the phone, so you’ll need to backup everything first, from your contacts to your photos, ensuring you don’t lose anything important. Unfortunately, phones do become slower with age, as well as having poorly performing batteries, so it may just be that it’s time for an upgrade if these steps don’t work.

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