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5 safe ways to manage secure documents

All businesses deal with sensitive information and documents relating to clients. Find out here five safe ways to manage and send secure documents.


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Want to learn how you can send secure documents?

Security is every business owners top-priority when dealing with sensitive information. The last thing you want is someone breaching your client's information and using it.

This can devastate your company's reputation, but it'll also ruin customer trust. Keep your credibility secure by practicing document security. Read on to discover five ways to keep your documents on lockdown!

1. Send Secure Documents with Confidence

Using services like virtual data room aid in sending sensitive documents with confidence. They keep your files private so third-party viewers aren't able to access the file. Even if they download the file onto their computer, they won't be able to see anything.

Encryption also shows you either a key or a padlock icon. That tells you or the viewer that the file is under encryption.

2. Secure Way to Send Files

Most companies use file sharing in everyday business. You don't have to sacrifice this convenient way of collaborating for security. Instead, you can use apps like box.

Unlike Dropbox, box lets you encrypt your files. When choosing your file sharing service, your research is going to be super important. There are many file sharing options that don't secure your documents.

They can also leave you vulnerable to catching viruses.

3. Use Passwords

You can specify what the password is and give that to the person you want to view your file. It can be a bit tricky without stating that in an email. We recommend using information that your receiver would know.

You might say something like:

  • Your password is the last four digits of your phone number, and the first four letters of your first name.

Sure, it can be a bit annoying to figure this out, but this is the best way to ensure security. A little annoyance is worth it if your customers feel that they're safe in your hands.

4. Secure Your Printers

Install security on printers in your office. You can upgrade to ensure that all copies are inaccessible to others in the office. You can also set up your options to delete files after a certain time frame.

The best way to keep your office setting documents secure is to encrypt any scanning you do. You'll need to give staff passwords to access information without seeing anyone else's.

5. File Maintenance and Proper Storage

We've talked about it in the last point, but deleting old files is super important. While we all love to hoard information, sensitive files need to have proper storage. These sensitive files with personal information can't sit in your email.

Make a secure folder on your computer for them or delete them if they're no longer needed.

Getting the Best of the Latest Gadgets

Don't think that how you send secure documents is all it takes to build a better business. There are so many ways to improve business life with technology. How you choose to innovate your process can make or break your business success.

That's why we have tech blogs so you can follow along as the times change. You'll know how to work new and fun gadgets, and learn how to install them in your industry!