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5 high-tech ways to keep your US home safe

You can get services that use whatever smartphone, high tech security you already have or expound upon it.


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Keeping your home safe is paramount these days, especially with petty crime in the US on the rise. Research from the Pew Institute indicates that petty crimes like burglary are more likely to happen than any other type of violent crime. So how can you use technology to keep your US home safer? Follow these 5 high tech tips:

Improved Home Security Services

Home security services are much more robust today. You can find a service whicth patrols your property in person, or has a live agent on call at all hours to use things like smart speakers to address anyone who shouldn’t be on site. You can get services that use whatever high tech security you already have or expound upon it. There is literally something for everyone and with so many options, you are sure to find the one with the most high tech cameras, features, and in-person services.

Fingerprint Locks

Locks today no longer need keys. It was quite a stir in the US when cars first hit the market which could be started with the press of a button, but now there are home smart locks which give you the option of using your fingerprint as the key. With this new high tech alternative, you can ensure you alone can get into your home, and you never have to worry about losing your keys again or changing the locks after a bad event. What’s more, this type of high tech solution keeps individual rooms in your home safe as well; if you are like the millions of people who now work from home, but your work contains sensitive information you don’t want other people getting ahold of even by accident, these fingerprint locks on your home office door are a wonderful solution.

If you have a large family and fingerprint locks can’t accommodate everyone, try smart locks that use a code. These can be equally useful as a high tech way to keep your home safe but they let kids who are away at college still get inside when you are not home, via the garage only or through the back door. It lets family who are staying for a funeral or graduation come and go without you having to be there. More importantly, you can change the codes regularly which means any time that family goes home for good, you can update the codes to things only you and your family know.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillence cameras come in many different varieties, each of which can offer a multitude of tech options like streaming cameras inside the entryways and doorways as well as the cameras filming outside directly to your television. You might, instead get other tips from the Locksmiths Locator team and decide you want to invest in cameras that link to your smartphone so that only you control the recording, monitoring, and notifying associated with your surveillance cameras. This is a great option for people who work far from home and want to be able to wirelessly view their home at any time, check that things are going well, and see who has come calling of late.

Smart Speakers and Security Teams

While having home security is essential, by way of a security team, you can integrate high tech in the form of special speakers that link to the cameras you set up around your home. These speakers can act as a deterrent in that your security team (or you) can monitor the cameras and activity around your home. On the off chance that someone uninvited is trying to make their way in, or is on your

property without permission, your security team (or you) can talk to them through the speaker, announcing that they have been recorded and they have a set amount of time to turn around and leave before the police are called. A live person interaction via speakers is just as alarming, no pun intended, as an alarm to would-be burglars.

Smart Lights

Just the same as a speaker blaring out the words “You in the vest, we see you on the lawn near the door, if you leave now we will not call the police” can deter a burglar, so can lights. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home security because it helps you see what is happening and helps your cameras capture who was doing what on your property. But high tech smart lights have made a huge change. Now lights can be programmed to turn on inside or outside at various intervals. No programming is needed though for the smart lights which are linked to your smartphone; just turn them on from your phone whenever you prefer. The latter is a chance to keep burglars on their toes, and to regularly check on the goings on in your home.


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