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5 equipment you need to become a Youtuber

There are a vast array of products from cameras to microphones and lighting, that might get you confused. Hence, we have listed the basic equipment you should have to start.

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a playmobil doll with a camera and tripod

Nowadays, YouTube has become a high-demand market where people of all ages use it for their entertainment or educational purposes. For most creators who have YouTube as their main income, the aim is to attract more viewers and gain new subscribers.

As the market becomes more competitive, people are devoting more time and effort to creating a visually appealing video. However, even if you have good content, it will not be enough if poorly recorded. So, if you are looking to kickstart your career as a YouTuber, you would want to use the best equipment to ensure you produce a high-quality video.

But here’s the thing – there are a vast array of products from cameras to microphones and lighting, that might get you confused. Hence, we have listed the basic equipment you should have to start your YouTube channel.


If you are serious about being a YouTuber, this is the one piece of equipment you need the most to create high-quality videos. However, being an essential piece of equipment does not mean that you must invest more money. Instead, all you need is a camera that can record at least 1080p of video; it doesn’t matter whether it’s an actual camera or just your smartphone.

If you are just starting, it is up to you to decide the kind of camera you want. But instead of splurging your money on an expensive DSLR, you should opt for a camcorder or webcam as they are cheap and easy to use. In addition, they are suitable if you are doing simple videos like daily vlogs, live streams, or shooting from the comfort of your room.

Before you decide, the most crucial thing to do is to research the camera you are interested in to ensure that it is within your budget. Plus, it should also be sufficient to record the videos you are planning to make.


Half the experience of a video comes from sound. The best audio will keep your viewers hooked on your videos instead of skipping through the content. You must ensure that the viewer can listen to you clearly whether they are listening through their desktop or mobile speaker.

A good microphone doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune because you can always utilize the built-in microphone on your smartphones and tablets. It may or may not work so what you can do is try them out first and listen to how you sound in the video.

If you are looking to buy a microphone, you have to think first about the kind of videos you will make. Then, you can decide where you want to mount it, whether a camera-mounted microphone on your desktop or clipped to your shirt.

Ring Light

If you have spent your time on YouTube, you will notice that many YouTubers are using ring lights to record their video. It is a portable device that you can set up easily anywhere you want to. In addition, it gives you a sufficient light source if you are recording your video with minimal light.

If you are vlogging or doing live streams, you can opt for a cheaper and smaller ring light that you can clip on your camera. Meanwhile, bigger ring lights usually come with an in-built dimmer that allows you to control the light intensity.


a woman with a smartphone on her tripod

Having a tripod will make it so much better for you to record a video. It won’t cost you a lot and it is very user-friendly. It gives you better stability when recording and ensures that you have one exact frame throughout your whole video.

If you are looking to buy a tripod, conduct your research first so you won’t end up buying something lighter than the camera you are using. Otherwise, the top would be heavier and results in accidents.

You might notice that some YouTubers don’t own a tripod; instead, they would just pile up some books and put their camera on top. While it works most of the time, it may also damage your camera if the books topple over and your camera falls.


Before starting as a YouTuber, the next important thing you need is a PC to edit your videos. There are different specs you should look for when looking for a PC, whether you want an affordable laptop or you want to set up your computer.

One of the specifications that people would look into is the multi-drive workflow, which ensures that the editing process is smooth and lag-free. Besides that, you should also consider the display of the laptop or computer. For instance, if you are only editing 4K videos, the display should have a full 4K screen and the same goes for HD videos.

All in all, you should find a PC that you can work best with so you can edit the video easily instead of spending your time going through different manuals on how to operate a PC.

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