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5 best phones for students going abroad

When studying abroad you need a quality smartphone that will help you communicate and learn. So, here are reviews on 5 best phones for studying abroad.


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Meanwhile, in this article, we will help address the trouble of any international student using a smartphone in Europe and solve the dilemma of which phone to buy. Our list takes a student-based approach to the key considerations which are notably students' budget, quality, and ultimate purpose.

Motorola Moto E (Second Generation)

motorola moto e 2nd generation
Moto E 2nd generation - Source:

Marketed as the New Moto E, this second generation Android smartphone by Motorola Mobility was released on February 25, 2015, taking over from the Moto E. It’s a smartphone option that is suited for students on smaller budgets. New Moto E is an international device with its usage stretching to more than 40 countries globally. It’s one of the feature-filled smartphones that you can obtain at a budget as smaller as $ 80. It has a fast quad-core processor, expandable with a micro SD card, 4G LTE and longer battery life for those study sessions that last later into the day.


blu r1 hd
Blu R1 HD - Source:

This device may not be a hit to the standards of Samsung, Motorola AND Apple but the best-selling R1 HD will not go amiss for any student seeking the best study abroad cell phone. R1 HD is an unlocked smartphone that can be accessed exclusively at Amazon. It features two different configurations but the same pricing. These are the 8 GB storage and 1GB RAM standard version and the Premium Exclusive version with double storage and RAM. Students can purchase this device at a price as reasonable as $ 100 and still provide you with the pleasure of a trendy design, curved display and LED flash decent camera.

iPhone 7

iphone 7 black

iPhone welcomes you to the world of premium smartphones where quality goes first. This is a prime choice for students who do not enough traveling and sightseeing. With iPhone 7 (more so the 7 plus), you won't have to take with you the cumbersome DSLR on your trips while in college. It's a device with the most stellar camera around. iPhone 7 is created with much power, water-resistance and toughness to withstand severe conditions. The remarkable battery life and the large display gives you an outstanding outdoor experience.

Google Pixel

google pixel 1

This is another suitable option for students with many travel and outdoor programmes. It's a device with the highest rated smartphone camera according to DxOmark Mobile. It comes with a built-in Google assistant app that helps you locate the closest areas of interest, translates a foreign language and enables you to trace your way back whenever you get lost. Its sleek design, the AMOLED display, outstanding battery life, Google storage unlimited for photos and videos, and high clarity video calls to reach out to the relatives back at home makes Google Pixel an excellent choice for students.

Galaxy S7 Edge

galaxy s7 edge waterproof

A durable, lightweight, and high-quality smartphone and one of the most popular choice with students who study and work at the same time. Samsung Galaxy (or S7 Edge) will give you the most. It's rocket fast, water-resistant with an IP68 rating, a beautiful quad HD 5.1-inch display and an expandable display inclusive of the Micro SD slot. More plus features include the quick wireless charging and longer battery life.

Every college student needs the best smartphone that serves the purpose at a minimal cost. And what but an unlocked phone with excellent mobile connectivity and the high-quality camera will offer you the best experience as you study abroad?
Before choosing your phone make sure you check up the reviews as well the pros and cons of the gadget. To wrap it up, here are the general traveling abroad phone tips regarding that should prevail as you push to a close your arrangements to study abroad:

  • Your provider’s plan – check with the carrier you’re using about their international offers and settle for the plan that best serves your interest at a minimal cost.
  • Your average data consumption – to settle for the best-prepaid phone plan you need to consider your data usage. As a student, you're likely to use a good amount of data on social platforms and online study programs. In addition to learning to limit your data consumption is knowing how much you're likely to use and choose that international prepaid plan that goes with your data requirement.
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