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5 Android apps to make your routine easier

Get to know some applications that can help you organize your routine, your daily routine and modernize your smartphone. Here is a list of 5 well-known and useful apps.


a woman in bed with a phone in her hand

In the morning the alarm clock goes off, what is the first thing you do?

More than 80% of us who own a phone will tell you that it is picking up the phone either to check the weather forecast or to check for that unanswered message. The other 20% went to pee and we can bet that the phone went with the person.

Smartphones are incorporated into our routine and, without us realizing it, apps are also involved. Every day there is a new application that proposes to help us organize our days, protect our data or make our social network even more attractive. We have selected some applications that might interest you, check them out!

All-In-One Calculator

Recipes, travel, speed, and units of measurement. What do they all have in common? Mental confusion when you need to convert measurements. The All-In-One Calculator brings together in a single application the mathematical operations on your cell phone screen quickly and easily. When you are preparing a cake, you can easily know how much a teaspoon of yeast equals in grams without having to access the Internet from your computer.

VPN Surfshark

Besides facilitating the work routine, VPN also provides security on your Android smartphone. When using the internet in public places like airports, shopping malls, or restaurants, you exchange personal data with each connection you establish. With VPN, instead of the data collected by the server being identified directly with your information, the connection will be encrypted and the huge amount of personal data circulating on the Internet (whether consented to or not by you) will be blocked/encrypted by another server.

The data privacy offered by VPN protects the user in situations such as sending confidential email, credentials and messages on social networks, banking data, and does not identify your IP that indicates your physical location and other geolocation data.


Who hasn't searched the internet for images to make an interesting post? With Canva you can create images and graphic art directly from your cell phone, without having to keep searching Google. The application has a bank of images and design options that can be edited and formatted for your needs. You can either develop a graphic idea from scratch or use the various ready-made versions available on Canva to spruce up that cool photo you took.


Want to know how much time you spend on social networks and stop complaining that you don't have time to go to the gym, hang out with your dog, or have a beer with your family? RescueTime is an application that allows you to analyze how much time you spend on each activity you do on your cell phone and thereby manage your routine in a more satisfactory way. You may find that you spend more time with your eyes focused on your phone than you realize.


Having trouble finding notes in your calendar to keep up with the activities you have planned? Trello is a great intuitive tool that composes a table of activities by columns in which you indicate whether they are in the initial phase, in progress, or already completed. This way, with a quick glance, it's possible to keep track of the large number of tasks and ideas that we usually have before going to sleep and that we forget half of when we wake up.


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