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3 financial apps and services to keep an eye out for

Know how your phone can help you here might help you to make a positive impact where your financial life. Check out our tips and see if it makes sense for you.


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Part of what makes smartphones so consistently impressive is their ability to connect any given person with a huge variety of services for different fields or landscapes at any given time. This can be hugely useful for entertainment or education, but it can also have real practical value when it comes to issues such as finances and helping you to better approach your own.

Knowing how your phone can help you here might help you to make a positive impact where your financial life is concerned, and while this might often help you to improve on something you’re already doing, other times, it can draw your attention to something new completely.

Access to Investing Tools

What might interest some people more than others here is the ability to quickly and conveniently access a wide range of investment tools, from apps to knowledge, to make yourself better equipped to conquer the landscape before you. This might just be about finding the right app to help you easily monitor the range of your investments and to keep an eye on the fluctuating market, but it could also be about making yourself more aware of prospects you weren’t previously, such as using this link to learn about different types of blockchain.

If it’s the knowledge that you’re more interested in, while the dedicated investment apps might be able to sometimes guide your hand, services such as Audible or Spotify can also help to connect you with your expert of choice.

Comparison Tools

It might be that the way you want to use your phone financially is to discover various means of saving money, and the most straightforward way to do that could be by having access to various price comparisons to make the most informed decision possible. What you’re comparing exactly could be any number of things, from insurance to simple supermarket items, but if you’re trying to make an active effort to save money, it’s worth being aware of the apps that can help you to do that.

This can even be expanded outwards towards monthly payments, such as various types of bills, allowing you to save on the money that gets spent every month – the money that you might have previously thought you had no choice but to leave at the current rate.

Selling Your Belongings

It might be that you want to take a more active approach towards making more money, rather than simply trying to shave off what you’re currently paying. In that case, you might turn your

attention towards services such as eBay and Vinted, which are more accessible now than ever before, to sell your old belongings and make some money off of the items that you don’t use anymore.

In certain cases, you might find that something that you’ve held onto for a long time has unexpectedly increased in value, which is something that you can discover through similar services that help to assess the value of your belongings.

Market and Economy

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