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12 rules for working with Reddit without blocking your account


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You can use the Reddit platform ( to promote your website or business online. However, you need to clearly follow the community rules so that moderators do not block your account. Very often, new users make mistakes and post with hidden advertisements for their sites. However, moderators can delete such posts and block the account. We've prepared 12 rules for you on how to work with Reddit.

How to work with Reddit without making mistakes

Reddit is a whole "ecosystem" with its terms and rules. To promote your brand on Reddit, it's not enough to have a good account and the ability to write a decent comment. It takes a careful approach.

If you don't follow the basic rules of using and writing a quality post on Reddit, the moderators can easily send you to a shadow-ban. In other words, you will continue to write posts freely, but other Reddit users simply won't see them.

Use the following rules to keep your Reddit posts from being deleted by moderators:

  1. Become a real user. Don't treat Reddit simply as a donor for crowdfunding. Use it for yourself. Watch interesting posts, subscribe to topical Subreddits, and be lively.
  2. Extension. Use RES extension for a better interaction with the site.
  3. Be multi-tenant. Have one main account and a few spare accounts. This helps reduce the risk of damaging your brand's reputation and makes it safer to execute your strategy on time if your primary account gets blocked.
  4. Build a positive reputation. It's not a good idea to post promotional information with a link and promote your resource when you have zero karma.
  5. Use the AMA section. If you're a confident professional, then feel free to go into the interview section. Maybe it's your opinion that will help thousands of people understand the topic.
  6. Don't put many links in the comments. When you pump your karma, you shouldn't immediately post comments of an advertising character with numerous links.
  7. Follow the rules. Every Subreddit has its own rules, which are posted in the side menu. Do not break them, or you'll get banned.
  8. No shortened links!
  9. Fast Karma. To give your profile a quick karma boost, comment on posts on the /r/askreddit Subreddit.
  10. Avoid negative user ratings. If your post gets a lot of "minuses," delete it sooner. Don't ruin your reputation.
  11. Use Reddit ads. Reddit has a cool targeting. Even though everyone in the community is anonymous, a lot is known about them. You can still target them by segment.
  12. Avoid dofollow links. The more up votes on your post with a link, the more likely the link will be dofollow.

This will be enough to make you an experienced Reddit user with a good reputation.


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