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10 ways your mobile devices can help grow your business in 2022

Mobile integration provides a wealth of potential to businesses that adopt it. Use it for branding, payments, customer engagement, improving customer experience and more.


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Are you ready to finally integrate mobile technology into your business? Considering how many people in the world own a smartphone, it’s only wise to expand your business to the mobile platform. Doing so will make your business easily accessible.

There is no transfer domain name or website name requirement to get started. Continue reading for the top ten ways to grow your business and its reach in going mobile.

Secure Payment Acceptability

One of the best uses of mobile devices in business is accepting payments. You’ll find many payment apps and platforms out there offering superb security. These open up the door for such wonderful benefits as cashless transactions, accepting credit and debit cards, and fast processing speed.

Mobile Marketing

Another reason for your business to go mobile is for optimizing marketing and sales. One example is creating unique QR codes for on-sale items that in-store customers could scan and purchase at a discount. Otherwise, the traditional practice of sending out customized messages could be employed via text to inform customers of discounts and promos.

Gaining Customer Perspective

Did you know that you can track your customers’ activity to help you understand their behavior and tendencies? Consider using Machine Learning apps. They can look at your customer’s search patterns, feedback, and other activities to give you a deeper insight.

Business Expense Tracking and Management

Use your mobile phone for business expenses for more convenient tracking and management. It’s as simple as getting apps like BizExpense, Expensify, or Shoeboxed.

With these apps, you have no need to scour through a mountain of accumulated receipts. On top of that, your expenses data will be transmitted to a cloud. This cloud is secure and easy to access, no matter where you are, what time it is, and which device you use.

Quick Digital Document Signing

One of the most difficult things to obtain upon concluding a contract is the customer’s signature. The good news is you can now use digital document signing apps to obtain your customer’s signature. Using your phone and the right app, you can bypass the hassle of setting up a meeting and carrying around a sealed contract.


Do you belong to a marketing team? Want to pitch a new idea you’ve thought up that could potentially boost sales? Whip out your phone and work on your presentation on the spot, whether you’re riding a train or sitting at home. Even without your laptop on you, you can use apps like Google Slides and Canva to produce a high-quality presentation.

Transfer Domain Name

Did you know that you can handle website-related technicalities and changes without having to access your computer? A great example of that is a transfer domain name. Because you can do the work on a browser, you could easily access it on your phone or tablet, even while on the go.

Taking Customer Orders

Instead of taking orders the traditional way, consider taking them via tablets instead. Use an order-taking app customized for your business services, products, or menu. This consequently reduces human error (bad handwriting or misreading) and streamlines the order-taking process.

Customer Engagement and Social Integration

The popularity of smartphones has also driven the development and growth of social media. No matter who your target audience is, they’re bound to have a social media profile. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or somewhere else, don’t pass up the opportunity.

Use this presence of theirs to get in touch with your customers and increase your engagement with them. It’s as simple as posting mobile-optimized informative, relevant content on your social media pages. At the end of the day, constant engagement is what keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Customized Apps with Focused Features

Have you thought about launching an app with specific features for your brand and business? Consult an app developer to help you create and brainstorm an app.

Don’t forget to focus on the customer experience above all. Ensure that your app is smooth, intuitive, and memorable. On top of that, look for ways to make your app something your target audiences would want to open frequently.


Mobile integration provides a wealth of potential to businesses that adopt it. Use it for branding, payments, customer engagement, understanding your audience’s behaviors, improving customer experience, and more. No matter what it is, you can be certain you’ll never run out of options.

When going mobile, talking to an expert in the field is crucial. For the best results, approach an app developer. They can help you understand the limits of the technology, and you can ensure that you receive an output that’s in line with your business goals.

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