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10 mobile apps that will make your life more fun

This list compiles 10 great mobile applications for you to enjoy life, anywhere, at any time


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Smartphones are no longer just for communication; cameras can be used like multimedia products, your whole screen can turn into a TV or even a game console. Technology offers fun in our small, smart devices with thousands of applications you can get hooked on. This list compiles 10 great mobile applications for you to enjoy life, anywhere, at any time.

Watch Films & TV

Showbox: If you're a film enthusiast looking for an app to watch and/or download free movies on your Android device, here is one. ShowBox is one of the most popular movie apps available for Android and has been growing in popularity each day. It supports Android devices (phone/tablet) as well as other devices such as Kindle Fire, Blackberry, Chromecast, PC and Macbook. What is the most lovable aspect of this app is that it has a very comprehensive library that includes both old and new content, as well as a highly functional, sophisticated interface.

Terrarium TV: Terrarium TV offers a wide range of content, including free movies and TV shows, with outstanding video and audio quality (for both streaming and downloading). The interface is very easy to use and very easy to browse, and the app is compatible with not only Android devices but also others such as Fire TV stick, iOS, and PC.

Listen to Music

White Label: White Label, which was developed to explore the hip-hop music in-depth and discover new songs, allows you to listen to Hip-Hop songs in SoundCloud for free! You can also follow the news and comments on Twitter about the artist you listen to, without leaving the application.

Pi Music Player: Pi Music Player has four different themes that you can use and there are many different lists in your library to meet all your musical needs. With its 5-band built-in equalizer, Bass Boost and 3D Reverb Effects, it is ideal for those who want to adjust each setting individually. You can also share your music with your friends with Pi Power Share.

Play Games

PokerStars: Casinos have always been a popular part of the entertainment industry and online casinos are also not that new in the digital world. But mobile casino games have definitely brought a breath of fresh air for those who like to play casino games anywhere, at any time. One of them is the PokerStars app, which allows you to play poker games with millions of real players. There are classic poker games and innovative ones; anyone can have a Texas poker saloon in their hands!

Dream Machine – The Game: Are you looking for an adventure without leaving your comfortable couch at home? This one is for you! Dream Machine - The Game, with its mysterious events, drags users into an adventure. In this strategy game where you will direct a robot, you will solve the puzzles and go through different mechanisms. Fun times await! With the excellent graphics and sound quality, you will explore the mechanical world using your knowledge and skills.

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Book Tickets

Hopper: With this ticket booking app, you can find flights and hotels on your desired destination and buy the tickets right away, or wait for a better price option. It checks the best deals on the Internet and provides you with the list of fares and ideal travel dates. And it is free to download on both your iOS or Android device!

Agoda: This app is highly recommended for those who are planning to travel to South Asia. It offers very good prices for hotels in many cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong. This great tool allows you to book your tickets easily, and even collect points and get the accommodation for the next trip free of charge. And it has customer agents ready for 24/7 to help you plan your journey and stay as smoothly as possible.

And Have Fun!

Triller: This entertainment platform, Triller, allows you to create mini video clips on one of your favorite songs by adjusting slow or fast mode with lip sync. It not only synchronizes the clips, but also allows to add effects and edit your masterpiece. When all the settings are done, the application will create a quick remix for you. You can access the top tracks or your own music library to enjoy this app!

MomentCam: Thanks to this fun app, all of your photos can be transformed into cartoons because regular photos are too mainstream! You can select a picture from your Albums or Facebook photos, personalize your desired background, create your avatar with customizable hair, glasses, beard, and many more and send it your friends!


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