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Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the PHONEmore aims to show transparency about how to manipulate your data and ensure you're on a secure site


privacy policy

You can use our services in many ways, both to seek and share information as to communicate with other users or to create new content. When you share data with other users (for example, when you create an account on PhoneMore), so we can improve these services to show you relevant content and put you in touch with other users or share more quickly and easily.

As a user of our services we want to tell you clearly about how we use your data and how you can protect your privacy.

In your registration there is optional fields about your data, you can optionally fill them to show to other users who use the PhoneMore website. Some required data aren't (by default) shown to other users, for example, your e-mail.

We want your data to help us improve our services and you optionally share information with other people, our goal is to make you use our services while we protect your privacy.