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What kit does a beginner phone photographer need?

Many people have switched to mobile phones for their cameras as they have even been able to make it a business. See ways to improve your mobile phone photography skills.


woman taking picture of a strawberry cake

Gone are the days where photography was only restricted to professionals through their advanced cameras. But today, the advancement in technology has enabled people to click pictures right through their smartphones.

People across the world are constantly uploading pictures on their social platforms as it has become a part of life. Many people have switched to mobile phones for their cameras as they have even been able to make it a business.

While you need some essentials for your smartphone, many more gadgets and accessories can help you produce amazing photos. So if you are looking for ways to improve your mobile phone photography skills, these gadgets will be a great addition to your kit, whether a beginner or professional.

A Good Smartphone

As obvious as it sounds, you must purchase a high-quality smartphone. While it is important to look at different features of the phone, you need to mainly focus on the camera and the features that it has to offer. Once you do that, apply it to your choice of settings to see the compatibility. Some of the most popular choices for phone photography are Apple, One Plus, Google Pixel, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Here are a few specifications to keep in mind when buying a reliable and effective smartphone.


girl smiling at a smartphone on a tripod

A tripod is often considered must-have equipment when it comes to mobile photography. It is an exceptional photography tool that allows individuals to click some advanced shots. Your tripod can be used for long exposure photography where the shutter speed is slowed down and you can create light trails, efficiently. Another benefit of the tripod is that it ensures you eliminate blurry and shaky videos during your photography sessions. Some tripods come with additional functions that will not only help you take beautiful photographs but also improve your filming skills as well.

Phone Camera Lens

Just like in-camera photography, you need to get a smartphone camera lens that can improve your mobile photography. These lenses offer many benefits like zoom capabilities, wide-angle perspectives, fish-eye lenses, higher focal lengths, etc. There are a plethora of lens options in the market today that adapt to several phones easily. So if you are interested in phone photography, smartphone lenses are a must. There are several types of photography styles for taking different photos, using these lenses you can capture your desired photos.


One of the most essential gadgets that every photographer needs is light. And oftentimes smartphones are not equipped with good light performances which can cause a hindrance in your photography. Adding a ring light or a LED panel can not only enhance your photos but help you capture some high-quality portraits. If you are working in a dark environment, a constant light source is exactly what you need that can help you achieve better results. Today LED panels offer many illumination options that can help adjust the lighting with a dining mechanism to experiment and capture some beautiful photos.

Portable Charger

Smartphones have proved to be quite effective in improving our daily life, however, they have a limited battery. The last thing you would want when you are out taking photographs is a dead phone and miss on your photo opportunity. Even if you have been shooting photos and videos for a certain period, you may find your mobile running out of battery. The best way to eliminate this problem is to carry a portable charger that will allow you to charge your mobile phone easily without any hassle. So whether you are at the park, hiking, or scaling a summit, it is a must-have essential that every phone photographer needs.

Remote Shutter Control

If you do not like using a selfie stick, a remote control shutter can be a great addition to your kit. When traveling alone clicking pictures of yourself from the rear can be frustrating as you need to set a timer and run in front of the camera and just to find out that you were out of frame. This remote control device is the best solution to your problem as it will allow you to get the best selfie. By simply pressing a button on the device you will be able to trigger the shutter from standing in a distance effortlessly.

Smartphone Rig

The beauty about camera rigs is that you can attach several pieces of equipment to your camera that allows you to get some amazing shots, no matter where you are. Keep in mind that there are rigs built for smartphones too where it reduces shakiness and allows users to add on different attachments which help in capturing amazing photos. So if you are serious about taking on phone photography, a camera rig can be an excellent gadget that will help you capture some epic landscape and portrait photos.

Adding these basic requirements to your gear, you will be well on your way to becoming a professional phone photographer.


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