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Top tablets for the UK students

Recently tablets have become very popular all over the world. Let’s see what are the top tablets, in particular, for the UK students and why it is so.


Many students aspiring to join university consider a tablet to be a necessity but not a luxury. You may find the device rather expensive, but it is a good decision to buy one. The price tag does not matter because you are going to spend most of your time using it.

Compared to laptops, you will realize that tablets are more convenient and versatile in terms of functionality. As you move from one hall to another for lessons or seminars, you find tablets quite portable. They have quick access to the internet, and you can quickly switch them on. You can also use them to store your projects in the cloud and retrieve them later using other devices.

man holding a tablet

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Tablet Computer

Before you buy a tablet, think about the number of projects that you need to store. If your course comprises of huge PDF files, you definitely need a device with larger storage space. Besides, you need to balance between studies and entertainment, meaning that abundant storage will enable you to save some movies and music albums.

Screen Size
Tablets with larger screens are more comfortable to use because they are easier to type on. You can also get a clearer view of the videos, especially those in HD. Students will also enjoy sitting and working at a table as opposed to holding the devices in their hands. It also depends on individual preferences where students can have smaller screens when just reading books.

The Apps that are Needed
Tablets are built with different apps, so you must be sure to purchase one that meets your needs. As a student, go for a device that has many apps that enable you to access study materials. Also, select one that has apps that you can easily navigate. Mainly, the functionality of the tablet should be expressed through the apps.

Best Tablets for Studying

Students in the UK can have access to top-rated tablets in the market. If you need to take a course at the university, there are vast opportunities in the numerous higher learning institutions. But if you are engaged in other activities, you can still get help with assignment online; thus, reducing the stress and pressure that comes with the huge pile of tasks you can expect. From online reviews, you can check out some of the best writing assignment help the UK platforms have to offer. Most British students confess that they have benefitted through these assignment assistance services. And having an advanced tablet with high-tech features is an integral part of the process.

Here are some of the best tablets for college:

iPad AirF
This is an Apple product that is compatible with a smart keyboard. It has a brilliant screen that is perfectly laminated. The price is highly suited for students who arguably have limited income sources. With two speakers, you can listen to some music along with your studies.

tablet on the office table

iPad Mini
Surprisingly, this is a small tablet yet bears very powerful specs. It can be folded to boost its portability. With this tablet, you can comfortably work from your couch or on your lap. In class, scribble some few words and toss it back into your purse since it is the best tablet for note taking.

iPad Pro
This device is best suited for you if you have a thing for large screens. In fact, it is compared to the touch screen Macbook. The large size may not be interesting to other parties, but if you have the money and passion for buying it, do not hesitate. There are four speakers which guarantee that you will have a perfect day listening to music after your classes.

The following table shows the prices of the above tablets from the cheapest to the most expensive:

iPad Air£449
iPad Mini£490
iPad Pro£773


There is no doubt that tablets are critical items in the educational lives of British students. Get yourself a device and pursue your dreams. But take note because there are all varieties in the market. What you ought to do is to identify your needs and acquire the tablet with the most suitable specs.