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Top 6 math website for kids, detailed overview

Math does not have to be boring, there are plenty of fun ways for kids to learn. With these 6 top math websites for children, your kid will find something suitable and entertaining.


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Math can be difficult for children, but with the right resources and support from parents, kids can enjoyably learn math. The internet has a wealth of math websites designed specifically for children.

Are you looking for interactive math games aimed at helping your kid understand and develop excellent math skills? Here is a list of 6 top online math websites you should consider. Each has pros and cons.

Math Playground

Target group: Grades 1-6

Membership: From $2.99 per month, a free option is also available.

Math Playground is an educational website with over 500 free games, math worksheets, instructional videos, and brain teasers.

The website is easy to navigate and well-consolidated, as it allows students to learn different mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, among others.

The Math Playground website also features virtual manipulatives such as number and pattern blocks to help children visualize different mathematical concepts.


  • Fun activities that make learning fun.
  • An adaptive learning environment adjusts the difficulty level based on the user's performance.
  • Excellent support materials for parents/teachers to use with students at home or school.


  • It can be expensive depending on the subscription type chosen.
  • Some users may need more visual cues or clear instructions to navigate the interface.


Target group: All grades

Membership: All multiplication games are free

MultiplicationGames is a top go-to multiplication games website for kids of all ages. With over 30 interactive multiplication games, the platform creates the most fascinating and enjoyable ways to learn basic math facts.

The content of MultiplicationGames is based on multiplication standards. The site also provides detailed reports that allow parents to track their children's progress to ensure they are working at their own optimal pace for the best educational outcomes.

Generally, MultiplicationGames is an excellent alternative resource for supplementing your child's traditional math education. It offers a great selection of multiplication games to build key math skills in a fun environment.


  • All multiplication games are free.
  • Improved memory, accuracy, and recall skills.


  • It can decrease independent thinking if solely used as a regimen for teaching math concepts.

DreamBox Learning

Target group: Elementary & middle school level.

Membership: From $20 - $7,000, free also trial available

DreamBox Learning provides adaptive learning modules that adjust to each child's learning level. The math website has hundreds of lessons on counting numbers, adding and subtracting fractions, and basic geometry concepts such as angles and area formulas.

The interactive math games at DreamBox Learning are fun and engaging for the kids while they practice math skills.


  • A fun way to learn basic math concepts.
  • A rewards system keeps players motivated.
  • Adaptive difficulty levels ensure players stay engaged.
  • Real-life scenarios make learning interesting.


  • Requires paid subscription after the initial trial period.

IXL Learning

Target group: Kids more than four years

Membership: Start from £7.99 per month

IXL offers comprehensive math practice covering Kindergarten through 12th-grade topics in mathematics ranging from basic addition to calculus.

Furthermore, the math website also includes the option to customize lessons. You can do so by selecting the topics your child needs help with. Another option is challenging them with more intricate problems if they need deeper content.

Kids using IXL to learn math can track their progress by completing different skill levels for each topic which helps motivate them to keep learning.

Ultimately, IXL Learning is one of the most comprehensive online learning sites today – offering interactive lessons in everything from language arts to science to foreign languages. However, one of its specialties lies in mathematics – from basic arithmetic skills to calculus.


  • Ability to track student progress over time.


  • Limited assessment options compared to other sites on this list.

Khan Academy

Target group: Kids aged more than six years

Membership: Free

Khan Academy is a free online platform featuring thousands of video tutorials on almost every subject imaginable — math included. Khan Academy's video tutorials cover myriads of mathematical concepts ranging from basic arithmetic to college-level mathematics subjects like calculus or trigonometry.

The math website also offers practice exercises that kids can complete after watching the tutorials to reinforce their understanding of the material covered in each lesson.


  • Free.
  • Comprehensive coverage of math topics.
  • Clear explanations.
  • Interactive practice questions.
  • Offer progress tracking tools.


  • No one-on-one support or feedback from instructors.


Target Group: Grades 1-8

Membership: From $4.99 per month, a free option is available

Prodigy is an online game designed to make learning fun. It covers topics from grades 1-8, such as addition, subtraction, fractions, and decimals.

Math games at Prodigy incorporate elements of fantasy role-playing games like puzzles and battles. That makes kids stay engaged while they learn new concepts.


  • Adaptive difficulty levels.
  • Engaging puzzles & challenges.


  • Limited number of practice problems

Conclusion: Which One Is The Best For You?

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Math doesn't have to be boring or complex - there are plenty of fun ways for kids to learn. With these 6 top math websites for children listed above, your kid will find something suitable and entertaining no matter the skill level.


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