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Top 5 cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Phone cases come in various sizes and materials, we will introduce 5 phone cases that will indeed become a best friend for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, so let's dive in without further ado.


iphone 12 pro max on the table

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest flagship, and it just so happens to have that 6.7-inch display making it the biggest Apple phone so far. However, it is also their heaviest one. That big screen and a phone camera that can be used for high-quality video creation come with many advantages when trying to catch that Netflix show or film a TikTok video that will look better than actual human sight. But that big screen and a phone that weighs 8.03 oz can quickly be dropped, and that big screen screams danger around any hard surfaces.

Once the phone falls screen down, the phone is neither broken nor safe until you pick it up, but when you spend that large sum for a phone, you surely do not want to play that Schrödinger's cat dilemma at the expenses of those pricy phone repairs. Therefore having a phone case for your expensive smartphone is the easier way to calm those nerves and protect it from the unexpected falls.

Phone cases come in various sizes, designs, and materials, and constantly improving technology with the new phones hitting the market every year created a demand supplied by many phone cases brands. From options that will fit a minimalistic lifestyle to ones that fashion lovers will be happy to keep by their side. Let's not forget those heavy-duty ones intended to protect the phones even in war-like situations. We will introduce 5 phone cases that will indeed become a best friend for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, so let's dive in without further ado!

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Of course, Apple has created a case for their own phone, and it may seem like cheating by adding their phone case to this list, like where is the variety? However, as they made their phone, they crafted a cover that will both look and fit amazingly. Made from leather, it will wear and last long and develop that natural patina, which will protect the phone case with time instead of damaging it. The leather case will easily attach to your device without adding any bulk while still offering protection for your precious device. The Apple phone case has built-in magnets that alight perfectly with your iPhone 12 Pro Max, allowing you to use the MagSafe charger without taking the case off. It is also worth noticing that this case allows using additional accessories. The built-in magnets will not take away the ability to attach magnetic wallets, holders, and even batteries. However, leather is a natural material, and it may crease over time, but if you like your accessories to be high quality and are not afraid of some creases, this might be the case for you.

Burga Tough case

If the classical leather or simple and clear case is not enough for you, then try Burga. Although this brand has two types, the tough case combines both fashion and protection. This fashion-driven brand has over 100 designs inspired by the fashion world's latest trends and offers dual-layer protection: Silicone Interior + Hard Shell Exterior. The iPhone 12 Pro Max case covers all around the phone, making sure to protect each side, and with the raised bezel, they also make sure that your screen and camera are protected. The unique qualities of their case allow them to offer that heavy-duty protection without adding bulk, and as the iPhone 12 Pro is already quite hefty, this is something to keep in mind. Regarding the fashion side of their case, we are sure that everyone can find a match in their selection, from those with an edgier side to those that love all things pastel. Those who want to add additional

details can add a customized text of up to 8 characters. Oh, and also, they have a 12-month guarantee, so you can feel safe; your spent money will be safe and sound if something unexpected happens.

Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap Case

Bought that iPhone and want to show it off? A clear case is a great choice, and Gear4 has just one. They offer a MagSafe compatible case, with built-in magnets, just like the one that Apple offers. This will allow you to use those attachable magnet accessories and place your phone on that MagSafe charger with ease without taking the case off. The other key feature is a RepelFlex™ antimicrobial treatment coating. The coating will help keep it safe from odor-causing bacteria while also providing hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that create a surface that repels stains and dirt and is easy to clean, so no more fingertips on your case! And if these features are not enough, they offer the Crystal Palace Snap case provides 13 feet (4 meters) of drop protection. Your phone deserves to be safe and sound.

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox has an established name with their Defender phone case series, and they have one for the newest Apple creation. Highly protected, rugged, and tough-looking cases are intended to keep your phone protected. The raised bezels help to keep tat 6.7-inch screen and three-lens camera safe. Otterbox iPhone 12 Pro Max Defender case also features an included holster that doubles as a belt clip or a hands-free kickstand. With that, you can easily use that big screen for movie watching. Although the case comes in only 5 colors and might seems disappointing, those available options complement the rugged look quite well, and while it may not fit a runway, they look pretty solid.

Pela Wallet Case

Pela iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet case gifts you the ability to have those free hands. The built-in wallet case fits two cards, enough for that night out or a quick errand run around the city. Their case offers protection from falls of up to 6 feet, and the material provides an easy grip, making it easy to not drop the phone in the first place. However, they do offer a $200 screen repair guarantee if you decide to add a screen protector to your cart too, which might be that additional protection you need. And although Pela has a variety of designs, its sell point is sustainability. So if you would like to get yourself a case that you can simply put into the compost bin instead of throwing it away, Pela would be a perfect choice.


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