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Top 5 Android spy apps 2020

Spying on their android phones becomes a dire need as it can help you keep an eye on your kid to ensure his/her safety.


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Is someone you love disturbing you with their strange behavior? Do you think that mobile usage might be the reason? Well, in that case, this guide is just the right place for you.

If your partner is starting to spend more time with phone and not with you, then the first thought that crosses your mind will be that your partner might be cheating on you. Well, that will definitely create a lot of doubts in your mind. And believe me, we know what you feel, that’s the worst feeling ever. Spying on your partner’s Android phone might provide you some answers. And hence, we are here to help you.

Moreover, that is not the only reason you might be forced to spy on someone’s android phone. It might be that your child is using his android phone a little too much. And it might have some unfavorable changes in your kid’s behavior. Children ought to become naughty and anxious sometimes and they might not tell you (for some reason). In these cases, spying on their android phones becomes a dire need as it can help you keep an eye on your kid to ensure his/her safety.

Hence, spying has its advantages and can prove to be useful in certain circumstances as above. Nowadays, spying can be done through the use of spying apps that help you collect all the data of the relative android phone. There are plenty of android spying apps out there in the market. However, not all of them can fulfil your needs and many are just scams to steal your private info.

Hence, we took it upon ourselves to look for some of the best android spying apps that work effectively.

Part 1: Spyic – The Ultimate Android Spyware Adored By Millions

The one having the first spot and the best of all android spying apps is Spyic, which is loved and adored by millions for its superb spying features. Spyic is a viable app for Android and can allow you to look into each and everything of the objective android gadget. This allows you to catch your deceiving spouse red-handedly or discover the secrets of your child.


Due to its amazing features and spying highlights, many international media firms have highly praised Spyic and its wonderful features. Spyic is a number one spying app recommended by top news outlets like Forbes, TechRadar, Android Authority, iGeeksBlog and the New York Times.

Spyic provides wonderful services as compared to other competitors in its field. That is why it has a client base larger than any other. Spyic is used by loads of people worldwide to clear their doubts. It is used by guardians, parents and also by people who are in a relationship and want to make sure that their partners are true and loyal.

To know more about the amazing Spyic, you can try on Clickfree. Spyic spies on not only Android phones but also on iPhones but this guide will mainly focus on Spyic’s Android spying features.

Spyic is the stealthiest method to keep an eye on someone’s Android phone

You don't need the other person to realize you're keeping an eye on them, isn't that so? It could wreck your relationship for all time or lead to a pile of other difficulties as well.

Fortunately, in the event that you use Spyic, you won't need to stress over any of that. The Android adaptation of Spyic is a super-covert arrangement. It's fit for observing anyone's cell phone without that person knowing!


Wondering how Spyic does that? Spyic is a 2MB application that you introduce on the objective person's gadget. This just takes a couple of moments. Once the application is introduced, you can conceal it. The application symbol vanishes from the cell phone. It won’t ever appear until you make it appear with the secret phrase that only you know. Amazing, isn’t it?

Rather, Spyic will run out of sight to follow the other person's telephone movement. It does as such without hindering the handset or depleting the battery in any capacity. It sends information directly to you by means of the web. Thus, it's difficult to distinguish!

What can you do with Spyic?

You can view nearly everything your life partner gets up to on their Android cell phone once you have Spyic going.

View messages: Text messages can tell you all that you want to know about the other person. You can utilize Spyic to peruse each and every message your life partner is conveying or accepting.

View social media movement: Spyic permits you to keep an eye on somebody's social media applications, for example, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can see precisely what messages they are trading. Also, you can also get hold of their media files.

Get into call logs: Call logs can tell you everything about who the objective person has contacted and how often has the call contact been made. This can definitely provide some helpful answers.

Download media documents: Is your companion or your kid sending pictures to somebody? You can investigate all their spared media records, including photographs and recordings.

See scheduled occasions: If your companion has arranged a date with somebody, they may have noted it down on their schedule. With Spyic, you can see all the significant occasions or dates your life partner has spared.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier has the second place in our list of top 5 android spying apps in the world. Spyier makes for a profoundly trustworthy spying tool that can deliver you any data of the objective phone that you want. The application can follow the objective person's Android cellphone movement every minute of every day stealthily.

Spyier is one of the most well-known cellphone checking solutions available right now. It's utilized around the world. The application has been highlighted in noticeable news sources, for example Life Hacker and Tom's Guide.

Spyier does all the difficult work of observing your life partner for you. The application will basically follow what your life partner is doing every minute of every day. You can keep an eye on your life partner's messaging activity and even recover erased messages.

Part 3: Minspy

On the third spot, we have Minspy, another great competitor in the field of spying. Minspy has exclusive spying features that allow you to check on anyone’s android phone without the other person even knowing about it.


You can do a lot of spying with Minspy. Call logs as well as contact details, you can know everything with Minspy. And not only this, you can even record the calls if you want.

Moreover, you can also investigate the target person's internet browser history and check whether your life partner has a date or other significant occasion arranged with somebody.

Part 4: Spyine

The forth best android spy app is Spyine. It is just as great in working as the above ones, but lacks in a few aspects which is why it is placed second last.

Spyine can spy on any android phone in an effective way. It has some fine features that provide good quality spying services. You can get every data of the target person’s phone and know all that they’re keeping from you.

Part 5: Cocospy

Last on our list, but the world’s fifth-best is none other than Cocospy. It is a fine application if you are looking for a tool to spy on somebody’s android phone.


Cocospy allows you to read the target phone’s messages, call logs and even record calls. This way, it makes for a good app to spy on an Android gadget.


All of the apps on our list work effectively as they are the top spying apps of the world. However, the ultimate best has to be one that surpasses all others, and in the Android spying field, it is Spyic.


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