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The most innovative mobile games of summer 2018

The summer of 2018 has unveiled some truly exciting and innovative new mobile games to be played on the go


Unlike many media and gaming formats, mobile gaming doesn’t tend to have a set season when the biggest and best games are released. Mobile games simply tend to come along as they please. But, the summer of 2018 has unveiled some truly exciting and innovative new games to be played on the go.

So, in honour of some of our favourite mobile games of the sunniest time of year, we’re breaking down our favourite three – all of which we advise you find and play if you’re in need of some mobile gaming action.

Jurassic World Alive

dinosaur rex
Source: IO Games, via Twitter

The Jurassic Park franchise is wildly popular all over the world, with the rebooted films being among the very few that can stand-up to the Disney franchises on the worldwide cinematic gross charts. Jurassic World Alive allows players to experience their word as though dinosaurs roamed the streets – as the Tyrannosaurus-Rex does in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Likened to the smash-hit Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive is also an AR game in which players roam the real world in search of dinosaurs. However, Ludia has included a key feature that Niantic’s Pokémon Go is yet to work out – player versus player battles. Once you collect, level-up, and even make hybrids out of your dinosaurs, you can put them to the test in rank-reward based battle arenas.


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Last year saw the release of surprisingly successful and funny Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. The movie rekindled people’s love of the original movie starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst from 23 years ago. So, game creators NetEnt decided to forge a game that would suit both generations of fans.

Jumanji is one of many mobile casino games designed for touch-screen play but has some very special features that are unlike any mobile casino game. You play the game as you normally would, getting excited every time you trigger a random wild feature, but it all becomes a lot more interactive when you make it to the board game. Using the touch-screen to roll the dice, you move your idol around the board to win more prizes until you eventually land on a free spins feature and return to the main game.

New Star Soccer Manager

new star soccer manager
Source:, via Twitter

New Star Soccer was one of the most popular sports games in the App Store for a very long time. You’d be in the game as your very own player, playing passes, dribbling, and scoring goals to get your team promoted and attract the attention of the big teams all over the globe.

Now, developer Simon Read has created a new experience that boasts the same fundamental touch-play of the original, only now, you take control of a whole team. As the new manager of New Star FC, you must hire staff, upgrade club buildings, sign players, sell players, set tactics, and play as your players in key moments of each game. Best of all, there’s no freemium waiting for energy nonsense, meaning that if you love the game – which you most likely will – you can continuously play it until your battery runs out.

Jurassic World Alive, Jumanji, and New Star Soccer Manager stand as the most innovative new releases of the summer this year. Each of them offers a novel and exciting way to enjoy gaming on your mobile device.

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