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The best online casino games for smartphone users

Most online casinos now have either mobile apps available or at the very least websites suitable for phones.


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The online casino industry is rapidly changing every few months. At the core of this change are technological advancements and game developments, resulting in more holistic playing experiences for gambling enthusiasts. As a result, more people are on laptops and mobile devices, playing casino games from their homes or while travelling in different parts of the world.

Among the significant achievements in the industry is the possibility of playing casino games on smartphones and other devices like iPads and tablets. Most leading online casinos now have either mobile apps available or at the very least websites suitable for phones. So, players now have the entire world of online gambling in their hands, and its playability factor in addition to the money-making prospects are at an all-time high.

With a multitude of gaming options, there are a few that individually stand out as ideal for smartphones. All of these have unique factors that make them perfect for your handheld devices.


The rising state of online casinos is primarily because of online slots. The improvements that have come about in the last three or four years has completely changed the game. Players now have the option to indulge in theme-based slots for free or play online slots for real money. The latter, of course, is where the real thrill is, making slots the most successful and profitable online casino game.

Furthermore, the options available in online slots are innumerable. From the classics to slots based on popular movies and singers, there is something for everyone here. But if you are looking for a life-changing chance, try slots like Mega Moolah, a progressive slot, where the jackpot runs into the millions.


Lotteries are ideal for smartphones because they are easy to buy, and the results are quick. Many financial advisors state that lotteries are a good investment, for the simple fact that even a small amount of say $2 can result in you earning hundreds and thousands. Most newcomers are unaware that all leading online casinos offer lotteries and buying one takes only a few taps on your smartphone.

Live Poker

Although live poker might seem like a game best played on a laptop, it actually works best with a good smartphone. Thanks to some of the best cameras on mobiles, the picture quality when interacting with a live dealer is a lot better than any PC. Moreover, even if you are at home, playing on the mobile device means you can move around the house at leisure and don’t have to excuse yourself from the dealer every time you want to take a break.

VR Games

Once again, a common misconception is that VR needs a lot of setups and thus requires a big area to play. However, technology is moving fast, and things are getting smaller every day. Nowadays, there are VR headsets that link up to your mobile phones and give you the freedom to play at any time and anywhere. VR casino games are indeed a fantastic breakthrough that provides gamblers with a real-life experience without having to visit an actual land-based casino.