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Sports camera cheaper than GoPro records video at 2.7K

The Blackview Hero camera connects via WiFi on smartphones or via RF on remote control and records videos in higher resolution than Full HD


blackview hero

Are you looking for a camera to your dives or stunts? The GoPro is the first camera that comes to your mind, but the price is too high?

An alternative is to Blackview camera in Hero 1 and Hero 2 versions that can record in high resolution with features like motion sensor, time lapse and images with anti-noise (no blur).

The box waterproof supports up to 30 meters deep, enough for professional dives, and records video with a resolution 2.7K (about 2560x1080 pixels) at 30 frames per second or in Full HD up to 60 frames per second.

The Blackview Hero 1 and Hero 2 cameras are available in GearBest store with discount coupon in pre-sales for just $ 129.

Blackview Hero 1:
Coupon: GBHero1

Blackview Hero 2:
Coupon: GBHero2

The difference between the cameras is basically the connection form, the Hero 1 connects via WiFi on the smartphone, the Hero 2 connects via RF on the remote control allowing use on the wrist like a watch..


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