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Reasons why your iPhone keeps freezing

Because this issue is so common amongst the iPhone users, see the reasons the freezing keeps happening


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For all the iPhone owners, one of the most common complaints regards the fact that their device keeps freezing, even after only a few months of use. Of course, no matter what device is in question. If you use it non-stop, it will start freezing at one point and continue doing so unless you give it some time to rest. However, in the case of iPhones, there have been reports of freezing after only a few hours of daily use, or when one tries to check their emails or look at photos. Having a phone that keeps freezing is actually really annoying, especially if you rely on your phone for work. Not to mention the fact that the majority of the iPhone users are confused by the situation and don’t really know how to fix it.

Because this issue is so common amongst the iPhone users, we’ve decided to look at the possible reasons the freezing keeps happening, and what you can do to quickly fix it and have your phone run smoothly again. But, before we dive into the article, make sure to hop over to PapersOwl UK, in case you are looking for some essay or paper writing help.

Software update

Sometimes just like your Macbook or iMac need the most up-to-date software installed in order to function properly, so does your iPhone. Regular software updates are essential to keep your device running, so if you haven’t updated your iOS in the recent period, chances are this could be the leading cause of the freezing. According to Chron, Apple releases updates to the iPhone’s iOS operating system specifically to keep ahead of the performance issues.

So, what you actually need to do is to ensure you’re using the current iOS version; simply check for the uninstalled software updates in your iPhone. You can do that by tapping ‘Settings,’ ‘General’ and then chose ‘Software Update.’ You can also connect your iPhone through iTunes in order to update the software through the computer.

Buggy or dangerous apps

If your iPhone is freezing, make sure to track when the issue occurs. Sometimes the apps you use can cause a problem, so if your iPhone freezes while you’re using a particular app, chances are the apps is the reason for freezing. Sure, Apple reviews every possible app for harmful programming defects, and compliance with its developer guidelines, but not every bug can be detected; sometimes the bugs are hiding in the source code which is extremely difficult to catch. So, make sure to check which app causes freezing and see if there is an updated version of the app. If not, then just delete the app, downloaded it again or stop using it altogether.

Low available storage

The more storage an iPhone has, the more people feel free to stuff it full, to the last megabyte. This can be somewhat harmful to your phone because it needs storage to function smoothly and properly. When the storage capacity is full, you are compromising the functionality of your phone, and that might be the cause of a frequent and long freezing issue. Regardless of whether you iPhone has 16GB or 64GB of storage, it is always important to leave some space for your phone to ‘breathe.’ What you can do to fix or prevent storage-related freezing is simply deleting some of the multimedia content or not store all of it on your phone in the first place. We know that memes are essential, but you can’t view memes when your phone freezes.

Low battery life

This one should be obvious; if your phone needs to be recharged, chances are it is going to freeze until you do so. Even Apple themselves advise regular charging because when the battery life is low, the phone’s display could stay blank for almost 10 minutes before displaying the low battery image. If you are draining your phone’s battery to the max, you are not simply damaging your phone’s functionality, but also reducing its life expectancy. Moreover, it can take up to 20 minutes for your phone to recover after the battery has been completely drained. Only after 20 minutes, your phone can start working normally without any freezing. So, make sure to check the battery percentage, and charge your phone before 10%. Everything under 10% is damaging to your phone, so grab that charger and never let go.

More solutions for the iPhone freezing issue

Here are some more tips and trick on how you can make your phone run smoothly again:

  • Restart or reset your iPhone: press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the ‘slide to power off’ message appears and then turn it back on the same way
  • Close Applications and tabs you don’t use
  • Update the iOS
  • Restore your iPhone
  • Download a System Monitor and release your phone’s system memory
  • Download Repair iOS to repair all sorts of iOS related issues, including freezing and lagging
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs, delete unused photos and videos
  • Prevent phone overheating and move your iPhone to a cooler place