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Reasons why you need Microsoft Office 365 consultants

In the last year, Microsoft Office has been downloaded on the Google Play store more than 1 billion times.


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Office 365 is a part of Microsoft’s cloud solution that includes Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility+Security. Businesses get access to Word, Outlook, Exchange, Publisher,
PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and other tools on a piecemeal basis. That means they only pay for what they use.

Microsoft Office 365 is specially designed for small-and-medium businesses because the cloudbased solutions drive lower their overhead costs. However, large corporations and Fortune 500 companies have also jumped on the bandwagon for both convenience and security.

The usage rate for the Office 365 cloud service has grown from 34% in 2016 to 56% in 2018. As of last year, there were already almost 160 million users of the Office 365 suite. That same year, Microsoft Office has been downloaded on the Google Play store more than 1 billion times.

Microsoft Office 365 consultants will help you harness the right tools to grow your business. Migrating to the cloud subscription offers a lot of benefits.

  1. Convenience.
    By subscribing to Office 365, you can take your work with you everywhere you go. The application is not tied down to one PC or workstation, and you can access it anywhere via the cloud. Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive make sharing easier, even outside your workplace. Upload the document on the cloud, and your boss or colleague can access it anywhere across the world.
  2. Enhance communication.
    Office 365 offers a slew of communication tools to make sure everybody is on top of crucial projects. Skype for Business and Yammer are just two of these tools. In a digitized environment, more and more people are now working more efficiently. Email is no longer sufficient to address real-time needs. With office 365 tools, you can initiate online meetings on the fly.
  3. Security.
    All these tools are backed with Microsoft’s security guarantee. That’s also one benefit of the cloud service as businesses don’t have to spend a fortune on different security suites for their own facilities. Data protection and cloud backup are just two of the security features of Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 consultants help businesses select the right solutions, deploy them to their own facilities, and manage these solutions. With the expert assistance of professional service providers, seamless migration to the cloud is guaranteed. They also offer round-the-clock assistance when businesses encounter an issue during deployment.

First, however, the consultants will assess your workflow to determine which, among the solutions within the Office 365 environment should be used to achieve your business goals. They are also updated about all the innovations in the industry, which means you are well ahead of your competition when a new solution is introduced.

Essentially, they take care of the technical side of the cloud infrastructure so you can focus on the core products and services of your business. Your team will be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to employ Office 365 solutions on your own with minimal assistance.


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