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Reasons why iPhone X is better than iPhone case

While Apple firmly claims that it uses the most durable kind of smartphone glass, the device is not impervious to dings, scratches, and dents.


iphone x and iphone case

It’s a common impression that your iPhone X is way better without any case or accessory because it’s equipped with a super Bionic A11 CPU, protection is a necessity for this expensive device.

While Apple firmly claims that it uses the most durable kind of smartphone glass, the device is not impervious to dings, scratches, and dents. Since you can’t guarantee that you will never drop your phone, you have to put on some layer of extra protection. Plus, you already heard iPhone users complaining of cracked iPhones after dropping it.

Repair Cost is Very Expensive

Another reason why you need cute iPhone cases is the fact that if you break your iPhone, the cost of repair is way more expensive than the last model they released given the fact that Apple made iPhone with the latest technological features. It’s logical to assert that a phone that’s wholly covered with high-quality glass is very costly to repair, all the more if the chassis covered in glass is even topped with a display in OLED.

Since the glass is covered with OLED display, you have all the more reason to have some protective cover on it. Cute iPhone cases won’t hurt. They’ll protect your phone while also making it chicer. Remember, you spent a long time waiting for this item, and you paid more than $1,000 for it. Even if you have loads of money to burn, you really have to be extra careful here.

Fragile Phone Camera

The camera of an iPhone X model was designed for capturing artistic landscapes and breathtaking adventures. Then again, the camera is really fragile. This is why you have to put a cover to avoid damaging it.

While Apple designed its iPhones to be durable, it’s not 100% unbreakable. By structure, it was layered 50% deeper for more strength. It’s also reinforced by its copper and steel bumper that was welded with the use of laser. These mean that within the best conditions, the phone will remain sturdy.

Added Style and Character

There are countless iPhone users in the world. The color variants of the phone are also very limited. Plus, the design is one who strives for minimalist sophistication. With these in mind, it’s hard to identify one phone from another.

So, to add more character and style into your own iPhone, the best way is to buy a phone case for it. You will protect your phone from scratches and dents. Also, you can show off your fun personality.

When choosing the best casing for your phone, the first thing that you consider is durability. The phone itself is already very fragile, so if you select a low-quality case, the purpose of protection will be totally defeated. Next to durability is the design. Go for cases that offer versatility and speak well about your character.

Check out the sleek and trendy iPhone cases from Fifth and Ninth and be prepared to be mindblown. They have sophisticated and finely crafted cases that will go well with any iPhone user’s personality and style.


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