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Proof that mobile gaming is improving drastically

Many enjoy the games, they are seen as light offerings and lack the sustenance of gaming done online, through PCs, or consoles


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Almost everyone with a mobile phone has downloaded at least one game from the Google Play Store or App Store. The vast majority of the top ranking, most downloaded, and most played games are of the freemium model, where players need to wait increasingly extended periods of time before they have the in-game currency to continue to play.

Even though millions of people buy-in to this form of gaming, as shown by the NewZoo findings that 51 per cent of the global games market is from mobile revenue, and many enjoy the games, they are seen as light offerings and lack the sustenance of gaming done online, through PCs, or consoles.

But some game offerings are proving that the ceiling is far higher than it has been perceived to be, drastically improving their mobile offering to show the potential of the platform.

Integrating the gaming communities

The game Fortnite, based on the Japanese novel Battle Royale, and its new genre compatriots made waves in the second half of 2018 by accruing huge players bases and massive revenues despite being free to play. But Fortnite went one step further when shifting from console to mobile by doing something that many thought impossible.

Players on the Fortnite mobile app were able to play in the same games and alongside players from different consoles, with the iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players all being able to compete against each other in the same arena. The cross-play has been slightly adjusted for balancing reasons since, with TechInSecs reporting that Switch players go up against iOS and Android users automatically, while further cross-play is still enabled through custom lobbies.

Fortnite proves that mobiles can handle the strain of some console games and can integrate their communities with the more traditional gaming communities if developers see fit.

Adding more to the gaming experience

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As the most competitive gaming sector, it should come as no surprise that the iGaming industry is always looking for new ways to innovate its mobile offering – a platform which the industry was very quick to adopt. Offering sports betting and casino games through dedicated and streamlined apps is common practice, but often with a few sections missed out.

As shown by Oddschecker, the Paddy Power app has expanded its offering far beyond the means of your run-of-the-mill betting app. Along with their full selection of betting markets and the chance to seal their welcome offer, players can also make use of their expert strategy aids and live stream sporting events through their dedicated app.

This one app offers a wide range of iGaming opportunities and other helpful and entertaining functions, setting a new standard in the space.

It all started with some AR

Pokémon Go was so popular when it launched that it simply couldn’t handle the demand, which led to many crashes, bugs, and failings. But players stood by the game because it’s Pokemon, for which they have been duly rewarded.

From what now appears to be its basic beginning as an augmented reality game of catching monsters and hatching eggs, IGN reports that Pokémon Go now boasts many more exciting features, including social functions through friends, gifts, and trading; players versus player trainer battles; an AR camera feature; new generations and new shiny Pokémon; ever-changing spawns and weather reactions; ongoing research tasks; raid battles alongside gyms; and integration with the smash-hit Nintendo Switch game Let’s Go.

The game has come a long way from its groundbreaking start and continues to provide updates and live events to offer real value to players. It should also be noted that the game’s microtransaction store isn’t aggressive either, with the purchase choice not being necessary to gameplay or game progression.

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