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Our favorite 5 new mobile games

If you’re looking for a new game to pass the time on your commute to work, or relaxing at home, then look no further than these top picks.


The mobile gaming world welcomes around 500 new game releases every day. It might seem like an overkill, yet, it starts to make sense when you consider that there are currently over 2.1 billion mobile gamers in the world right now. We understand that finding your way through such a vast list of games to play on your smartphones and tablets is a tough task. Therefore, we decided to comb through and pull out the top five mobile games to play on your phones at the moment. So, if you’re looking for a new game to pass the time on your commute to work, or you just want something to play whilst you’re relaxing at home, then look no further than these top picks:

1. Super Soccer Champs 2019

super soccer champs 2019

Super Soccer Champs 2019 is a game that’s more than happy with sticking to traditions. Open up the game and you’re instantly taken back to the days of football classics such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off, those classic top-down footy games that were so simple yet so addictive. Uprising Games, the studio behind Super Soccer Champs, has made a fine job of recreating that fast and furious gameplay combined with a detailed campaign mode and an option to take on other super soccer champs online. The d-pad and two-button control system might sound and look simple at first but getting the ball in the back of the net is harder than it seems!

2. Mercy of the Gods

mercy of the gods game

Jump straight into ancient Egypt with this mobile slot game from leading software studio, NetEnt. You can expect statues of Anubis, ancient scripted royal symbols, the great falcon-headed god of Horus, scarab beetles, and of course, no Egypt-based game would be complete without the young Pharaoh Tutankhamen! Don’t worry if you’ve never played slots before as this game has been designed with simplicity at its core. Aim to spin three or more bonus symbols to trigger the ‘Gift of Wealth’ feature and you’ll be on the right path to dropping one of three jackpot prizes. The ‘Mercy of the Gods’ slot game is available to play now at Winstar Casino jackpot slots section both on the mobile casino and casino app.

3. Dr. Mario World

dr mario world mobile

The magic of Mario returns with a new and improved take on the classic 90s virus-based puzzle game. We’ve seen various takes on this game over the years but Nintendo has now released a brand new version specifically designed for mobile gaming. The aim of the game is still the same, remove all the viruses on the board by matching them with similar colored pills. However, the pace has been slowed down somewhat and new game mechanics have been introduced to bring a new angle on how you play the game. But don’t worry, play can still get frantic from time to time and that’s what we love about Mario. It still keeps you hooked after all of these years.

4. Stardew Valley Mobile

stardew valley mobile game

Stardew Valley has managed to breathe some fresh air into a stagnant farming game market and for all of those who know the classic PC version, you won’t be let down in this new and optimized mobile incarnation. It has a big enough storyline to warrant being an RPG with many side stories and events to keep your farming life busy and ever-evolving! The best feature of the Stardew Valley game by far is that the pace of life down on the farm is slow, you can go about your farming in your own sweet time. It’s a rare thing in this day and age as most games have a tendency to rush you through to a stage where you need to pay for extra lives and add-ons. Stardew Valley is unique in its design and we think that you’ll be loving life down on the farm in no time at all.

5. Gears Pop!

gears pop game

Gears Pop! is the surprise release that nobody really ever expected. The game is inspired by the hugely popular Gears of War and centers around collecting and upgrading characters into your own personal hit squad. The difference here is that the characters are styled in that unique Funko Pop design which is far removed from those gritty Gears of War heroes and villains, but it works well, really well in fact. You’re given the chance to put your assembled squads up against other players in the strategic PVP format or you can enjoy the single person campaign against computer bots. It’s a game that no one really demanded but we think that it’s set to become a huge hit!