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Nokia tablet with Windows 8 may be released this year

Nokia and Microsoft join to launch tablet with Windows 8 this year


Nokia tablet

According to DigiTimes, Nokia would already be working in partnership with Microsoft to launch a new tablet with Windows 8 still in 2012 on the market. The tablet would have a dual-core Qualcomm and 10-inch screen.

The partnership with Microsoft to equip Nokia devices can be the difference in their products, but the company has said it doesn't want to be just another one in tablet market. And that will only do so when you have good differential of its competitors.

Nokia enters to "fight" in the tablet market which Apple and Samsung dominates, but the fact is that any Android tablet wasn't able to compete with the iPad. Perhaps the Windows 8 OS is the differential of Nokia.

The device can be produced by Compal Electronics and the first batch will have 200.000 units.


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