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Nexus 7 commercial has UFC fighter and ninjas

Georges St. Pierre of UFC stars in Nexus 7 tablet commercial with ninjas


st pierre nexus 7
St. Pierre in Nexus 7 tablet commercial

The commercials of the Google Nexus are turning craze with the ninjas that appeared in the first commercial of the Nexus One phone. In this commercial ninjas make an "unboxing" of the smartphone.

Now the new commercial of Nexus 7 tablet the ninjas appear in real size trying to fight one of the greatest fighters of MMA, Georges St. Pierre, the current champion of the UFC welterweight.

In the commercial, Dr. Paul, played by Georges St. Pierre, receives a Nexus 7 tablet on the box. When he opens the tablet the ninjas appear to face him. At the end of the ninjas get the Nexus 7 tablet, but in a friendly way ... lol.

Still on commercial Dr. Paul (St. Pierre) appears eating jelly beans, this is a form of "subliminal message" to say that the tablet comes with the new Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean.


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