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Mobile gaming is definitely the future

So that mobile gaming has taken control of a lion’s share of the market, with it being the future of the industry, for now.


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The gaming industry has evolved and gone through many changes over the years as it looks to adapt to its audience’s wants and needs. Over recent times, gaming has shifted in the direction of mobile, with most now opting to game on their smartphones more than ever before. The trend has been witnessed across the market from playing Spooky House Studios Bubble Explode to Royal Vegas casino games. So that mobile gaming has taken control of a lion’s share of the market, with it being the future of the industry, for now.

There are many reasons why mobile gaming is very much the future, with one of them being that the advancements made technology wise with smartphones has seen them become somewhat of an all in one device. Gamers can now use their smartphone for everything, as well as gaming, while being able to enjoy a high definition and high-quality experience all round.

Gamers now are seeing their need for games consoles reducing as they can enjoy just as good of a gaming experience on their smartphones, with the convenience of being able to game on the go a huge positive too. This has seen mobile developers begin to really focus on creating smartphones which are geared towards gaming, and this trend is likely to continue moving forward, with devices like the Xiaomi Black Shark on the market which has attachable game controllers a sign of things to come.

The internet and mobile gaming go hand in hand in many respects, and while net speeds are fast as things stand, they’ll be blown out of the water when 5G arrives. 5G will be a complete game changer, and this technology alone will help to establish mobile gaming as the future for years to come. Its impact will be felt across the board, with multiplayer games benefitting greatly.

5G could also enable mobile eSports to take off too, with many eSports titles now available to play on mobile. Players can download and enjoy battle royale action on hit game Fortnite, which has quickly established itself as one of the finest eSport titles around, and with blazing fast speeds for mobile devices it could become a huge mobile eSports title too.

There’s also the opportunity for gaming on demand services to be developed too thanks to faster and more reliable internet speeds. Gamers could begin to stream their games, rather than have to download and install them, with services operating in a similar fashion to Netflix.

Mobile gaming has always embraced the latest technology too, and this is another reason why it has managed to steal somewhat of a march on its rivals. Augmented Reality has already proven very successful with mobile gaming, and Virtual Reality is beginning to have a big impact too.

You can bet your last dollar that there’s even more exciting and interesting tech to come, and that mobile gaming will embrace it. There’s even the possibility that technology could be purposefully designed for smartphones, which would enable them to continue to dominate the gaming market for many years to come.