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Microsoft Surface RT tablet sold out in less than 24 hours in pre-sales

In Microsoft's online store the Surface RT tablet sold out in less than 24 hours in pre-sale on Wednesday


The Microsoft Surface RT surprised to be announced at the same price of the new Apple iPad. But this didn't prevent the product from becoming a huge success in its pre-sale started early on Wednesday (17).

In Microsoft's online store, the cheapest model of the tablet, which costs $ 499, is already sold out.

microsoft surface

In less than 24 hours the Microsoft Surface RT with 32 GB of internal memory for storage and without the Touch Smart Cover is no longer available for shipment on the 26th of October, the date on which the product will be officially launched in the US. The customer who wants to purchase this tablet model will have to wait at least three weeks for the shipment of product.

The pre-sale of the Surface brings the RT version of the new Windows 8 operating system, 10.6 inch screen, 2GB of RAM, front and rear cameras that record HD video and Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth. There is also the 64GB model with a smart cover that turns keyboard.


The Microsoft Surface offers a totally new experience to make use of information and digital content, interacts with the senses, improves collaboration and encourages people to interact. The Microsoft Surface tablet comes with a new interface of Windows 8 that can change the way people use and share information.

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