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How to find safe casino apps

People have a desire to gamble online from their mobile devices. The problem is finding safe sites and apps they can actually trust.


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Online gambling is a growing industry for two massive reasons; it’s entertaining and profitable. After all, what beats sitting in the comfort of your own home and winning money while playing games?

Not much.

In an increasingly mobile world, there is also understandably a demand for mobile casino apps, as users covet instant access from their phones or mobile devices. This demands versatility from the apps themselves as well as security and stability.

Not every casino app can deliver on these expectations, but due to the exchange of funds and information, users absolutely need to do their due diligence in finding apps they can trust.

If you’re on the hunt for safe casino apps like so many others online, here are a few tips to make the process easier for you:

Read Casino App Reviews

The good news is locating safe casino apps is a lot easier than finding regular online casinos you can trust.

Usually, most mobile device platforms aren’t going to showcase apps they don’t vet and trust themselves, while it typically takes a lot of time (if not also a lot of money) to piece these versatile apps together.

Scammers can develop bad apps to try to steal your information or hack your accounts, though. One way to try to avoid these sketchy apps is to simply read the reviews.

Bad feedback, bugs or a lack of reviews may suggest an app can’t yet be trusted or it could flat out reveal they’re a scam.

Limited feedback doesn’t always mean a casino app isn’t worth using, but you’re ideally gathering as much information as possible and not being the first to test the waters on a new app.

For the most part, if you catch positive reviews for mobile casino apps, you’re probably in the clear.

Use an App From a Site You Trust

It’s much better when you don’t even need to do any research or rely on other user’s feedback.

Instead of starting that song and dance, you can just use online apps issued by online casinos you already play at.

The top online casinos will usually have one or more casino apps available and if they’re a trusted, licensed website with positive feedback from their user base, chances are their app will be okay to use, too.

Just be careful not to accidentally download apps pretending to be popular casinos or follow brand names blindly. Even reliable online casinos go through beta testing and can have bugs that leave your information vulnerable.

It’s best to roll with online casino apps that stem from trusted sources, but reading the reviews and gathering as much information as possible is still encouraged.

Check Licensing & Terms

Any casino app you use needs to be licensed and verified. On top of that, reading their terms of use agreement is suggested.

You always want to make sure you know how your money and information are being handled, as well as how this specific casino app deals with a variety of rules and situations.

Mobile casino apps that aren’t licensed should be crossed off of your list and no matter how engaging an app is, you shouldn’t play it if you have a problem agreeing to the app’s terms.

Verify Payment Methods

A casino app could be technically safe, but it won’t do you much good if it can’t pay you any money you win.

There are surprisingly still some apps out there that pass the eye test and allow you to play (and even win), yet they have an impossible process to pay out your winnings.

Any reputable online casino app will have the best payment methods, both for depositing and withdrawing. Depending on where you’re located, this will include checks, bank wires, e-wallets and of course popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

If the app doesn’t offer these options or makes the process of withdrawing winnings difficult, they’re probably one best left avoided.

Games & Bonuses

Another easy trip-up for a lot of users is getting sucked in by attractive games or alluring bonuses. As great as they can often appear, some of these games will pay out at a terrible rate (or worse, not at all) and the bonuses can be very sketchy.

Either the games pay out almost nothing or they do so infrequently. The bonuses can also be misleading, difficult to use or require some type of earnings being met before being released.

This all goes back to app terms and reviews. You may not know everything before you sit down to play a game or try to tap into a bonus, but the odds are decent that if something sketchy is going on, someone will have reported it.

Stick With Popular Apps

The actual process of locating reliable casino apps is going to be two-fold: the act of actually conducting research and then searching for apps available for download on your mobile device.

Whether you’re hitting up the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iPhone), you’ll immediately see a plethora of table-specific games (poker, blackjack, etc). The first casino apps you run into are typically the best, as they’ve been rated the highest, downloaded the most and have the most reviews.

These are the ones that are likely the safest, as they’re used the most and the mobile platforms make them readily available for free downloads and purchase. If anything goes wrong with them, bugs are fixed pretty early on and if they’re scams, they’re taken down.

Straying too far from the top options isn’t suggested when searching for safe casino apps you can trust.

Do that and put these other tips to good use and it’s likely you’ll come away with a fun gaming experience that is also very safe. Let’s just hope it also ends up being profitable as well.