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How to choose a smartwatch for college

Smartwatches come with various features and applications to help with answering and making calls, replying to and reading messages, health tracking, and much more.

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Among the most outstanding innovations made so far is the smartwatch. The smartwatch market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with different brands coming on board to create unique gadgets. The smartwatch craze started with the introduction of the Apple watch. While Apple was not the first smartwatch brand, it reinvented and created a buzz around it. The buzz was primarily because peoples’ attention was shifting towards the iPhone, and thus, they wanted to know if Apple would release a little version of the iPhone that fits into one’s wrist. Smartwatches can help students and those working thanks to features such as calendars, text message pop-ups, and much more. Here are some top things to consider when buying a smartwatch.


Buying a smartwatch that is within your budget is best. Various brands are producing functional and aesthetically pleasing watches at affordable prices. Smartwatches range in value from high-model ones with advanced features to regular ones with basic features one may need. Students often work on tight budgets; you have to buy food, pay for transport, buy textbooks, and sometimes purchase papers at writing platforms like EssayUSA writing service. So, don’t spend all your upkeep money on a smartwatch; you can go for a regular but effective one.


When purchasing a smartwatch, it is essential to confirm whether it is compatible with your phone. If you are an Android user, you should find one that matches your operating system. If you use iOS, a suitable option is usually the Apple smartwatch. The compatibility means the two devices can be synced so that you can carry out most activities from the watch. For example, you can read messages and make calls through your watch without constantly taking out your phone. Compatibility will also affect the features and functionalities available to you.


Most smartwatches display a wide range of features; thus, you have to be more assertive about what you want to do with your watch. Students often use the calendar, health tracking, notifications, and maps. If you like keeping schedules, a smartwatch will be essential since there are several apps installed in it that can help you create a to-do list. Sometimes, phones can be a distraction, especially when in class, but with a smartwatch that supports messaging, you will only have to view important messages without getting distracted. If you are a music lover, check whether the watch has a music playback control feature so you can maneuver your playlist without scrolling on your phone. Another important feature to watch out for is whether the watch is waterproof. A waterproof watch can be worn even when swimming and can’t get damaged when you get rained on. So, it’s a nice feature that guarantees durability.


Battery life is another crucial aspect to consider when selecting a smartwatch, especially if you have it on for a whole day. You do not want your smartwatch switching off on you before you complete tracking your daily steps. However, it is essential to note that battery life also depends on the usage of the watch and the applications installed in it – some applications use more power. Before buying your watch, review its battery life and check whether it suits your usage.

Comfort and Style

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Aside from its functionality, a smartwatch can also be used as an accessory. Therefore, you need to consider the style and design you want. For example, you can choose a watch with colorful straps to match your bold nature. Overall, the aesthetics of a smartwatch should match your style. Additionally, since you will be wearing it for long hours, it is best to find one with comfortable straps. Find the right fit to keep you comfortable as the sensors do their job. Get one that is not too tight to give your skin room to breathe.


Since you will have your watch on most of the time, you will have to find one that can withstand the rigors of college life. Some of the features that determine a durable smartwatch include:

  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant screen
  • Long battery life
  • Extra straps

A smartwatch is quite pricey; therefore, you would want it to serve you longer. Wear and tear is normal; however, your swatch needs to last for a more extended period so that you get value for your money.


Like any other product, you must look at the reviews before purchasing a smartwatch. Depending on the brand you want, you will always find that previous customers have left comments concerning their purchase and the product. Such reviews will give you a glimpse of what to expect and whether it is the right decision to make your purchase. Also, you can check out expert reviews on platforms such as YouTube to help pick the right gadget. Several reviews have been done on the features and functionality of various brands that can help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, if you are still unsure which smartwatch to settle on, ask your friends which brand they are using and their take on its functionality.

Future Updates

Brands such as Apple provide their clients with software updates to ensure they get improved functionality regularly. Therefore, you need to find brands that update their software frequently so that you can use your watch for a long time. Brands that do not provide a software update usually mean that, with time, your device may be incompatible with some of the advanced applications you want to install in the future.

Closing Remarks

When buying a smartwatch, you should consider several factors to get one that aligns with your needs. Students struggle with time management and organization, thus the need to own a smartwatch. You can create schedules using your smartwatch to help manage your time well. Smartwatches come with various features and applications to help with answering and making calls, replying to and reading text messages, health tracking, and much more.

The primary challenge you might face when making your purchase is that you will come across several brands that may confuse you about which one is the best. However, you can use the abovementioned factors to rate the smartwatch you want to buy.


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