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How 5G has changed online media and gaming

The addition of 5G technology will mean that scrolling down social media pages and sending pictures will take no time at all.


teenager on 5G telephone antenna

This modern era craves technology, and 5G is looking to fulfil that need by enhancing the experience that users can have when using their mobile phones on a daily basis. The need for this technology is vital as people look to get information quicker as they lead their busy lives. 4G had fulfilled this role brilliantly since its introduction, but it would seem that 5G looks set to improve many aspects of users' lives further, especially when it comes to entertainment.

Millions of people around the United Kingdom are already taking advantage of this, with the 5G being tested successfully in Birmingham before being rolled out in the second city by EE and Vodafone. But, how could we see a significant impact on our daily lives with the 5G technology?

Daily Life

Nobody could spend a day without looking at their phones in this current era. Whether that means looking for the latest political news surrounding Brexit, seeing what is going on with our friends or playing some casino games at 4G has been revolutionary in helping us finding out that information swiftly, but the increased speeds on 5G mean that we may no longer have to wait for any duration of time.

The addition of 5G technology will mean that scrolling down social media pages and sending pictures will take no time at all. There will be more delay in the time sent to send the message, and the expected connection latency is expecting to drop from 50 milliseconds with 4G to just one millisecond with 5G. That, in a nutshell, is essentially what the big fuss is about; 5G will allow users to do things 1,000 times faster than what was previously possible.

Entertainment Experience

No commute is possible anymore without users being able to keep themselves entertained either by watching their favourite television show or by playing their favourite game. 5G will have a significant impact on these people as they would be able to stream and download shows, films and games at a much quicker speed than they would have been able to previously. This would save people the minutes of their journey spent becoming frustrated by the buffering speeds, as the picture would immediately be in HD quality when the video begins to play. Just think, there would be no wait and you can get straight into watching your favourite episodes on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

However, the sector that stands to achieve more than most with the advancement in the technology is that of the mobile gaming. The number of players in this sector has increased year on year, with 2018 research showing that the mobile industry is worth 47% of the entire gaming market. Gaming would be able to flourish, especially for games such as Battleground and Fortnite, which needs a strong network to enable multiplayer modes. With the inclusion of 5G, there will no longer be lagging in video games and players will be able to play alongside their friends with a quicker connectivity speed.


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