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For the best smartphone screens, look no further than the Samsung S10 range

Critics widely praised the all-round capabilities of the S10 Plus, but there is no doubt that the biggest selling point of the S10 range is its screen.


s10 plus on the blue galaxy

When it was launched in March, the Samsung S10 Plus arrived as a bigger and better version of its predecessor. Critics widely praised the all-round capabilities of the S10 Plus, but there is no doubt that the biggest selling point of the S10 range is its screen. The S10 Plus expanded on the S10's features to offer one of the most impressive smartphone screens of all time.

Samsung's website reveals how the tech giant sought to use the S10's screen to differentiate itself from competitors, with neither Apple nor other members of the chasing pack able to boast a screen with such a balance of size and quality. Samsung consider this their 'most innovative Galaxy screen yet', a screen 'completely redesigned to remove interruptions from your view'.

Looking at the specs of the S10 Plus' screen, it is difficult to disagree.

  • 6.4-inch Infinity-O display
  • Curved Dynamic AMOLED
  • Quad HD+
  • 19:9
  • 552ppi

The front of the phone is basically all screen and no edges. There is barely any room left for the front-facing camera, although Samsung have somehow managed to squeeze two onto a phone that has a screen-to-body ratio of 93.1%. With a 10MP camera for selfies and an 8MP camera for greater depth, photo functionality hasn’t been completely compromised for the dominant screen.

The S10 Plus is visually imposing, both in terms of its scale and its sleek design. However, with great size comes great responsibility. While the phone’s curved back makes it easy to fit in your hand, some people may consider it too large to snugly fit in a pocket. This smartphone could even be mistaken for a small tablet, such its size. However, the size of the screen gives the S10 Plus an advantage over competitors when it comes to certain tasks.


In conjunction with the powerful performance we've come to expect from Samsung, the S10 Plus' screen provides the premier smartphone gaming experience. That 93.1% screen-to-body ratio has been developed for immersive gameplay, something that is beneficial when it comes to iGaming. Live Casino games use real-life dealers and streaming tech to allow players to feel like they have been transported to a glamorous physical casino. With a screen of this size and quality, gamers don't need to fire up a laptop if they want to fully immerse themselves in a Live Casino game of roulette or blackjack.


HDR-ready content from Netflix and YouTube works brilliantly on the S10 Plus. The S10 Plus can reach 1200 nits of brightness (surpassing the 1000 nits of the S9), which helps the phone offer a quality viewing experience even in direct sunlight. Colors are vibrant and rich, while the screen’s contrast brings darker scenes to life. That would be particularly useful in the contentious Game of Thrones Season 8 episode, in which viewers complained about lighting. You wouldn’t want to watch epic TV shows or movies on most smartphones, but the S10 Plus blends a premium viewing experience with portability.

Remarkably, the S10 5G makes things even bigger. Released in anticipation of the prevalence of 5G networks, the S10 5G offers a 6.7-inch screen alongside most of the features that make the rest of the S range so popular. The 5G compatibility does affect price and aspects of performance, so the S10 Plus may be the best screen (and smartphone) for a mainstream market. If you love playing games and streaming videos on the move, then nothing offers an experience quite like the Samsung S10 range.