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Firefox OS operating system for mobile phones comes in 2013

Mozilla presented at Mobile World Congress its mobile Operating System, the Firefox OS


firefox os

In the last Mobile World Congress event, the Mozilla Foundation (responsible for the Firefox browser) announced that it intends to launch in 2013 an operating system called Firefox OS. The name was guaranteed by Mozilla.

Chinese manufacturers, ZTE and TCL, have shown interest and will be Mozilla's partner to put phones in the market with the new Firefox operating system. The first version should be launched in 2013.

Other phone companies have demonstrated support for the initiative from Mozilla, such as Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat (Asia, Africa and Middle East), the US Sprint and the Spanish Telefonica.

The Mozilla team says it's relying on his own project "Boot to Gecko" that resolves several limitations of the web for cell phones and smartphones. The operating system is open source and the main focus of the company are the "new" web standards, like HTML5 and CSS3.


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