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Exclusive alligator leather case for iPhone

Alligator leather case for iPhone is a perfect example of combining brightness and practicality.


The classic style has always been and will be in fashion regardless of what it refers to. In this case, the classic alligator leather case for iPhone is a perfect example of combining brightness and practicality. It is made from 100% alligator leather with a printed logo of the French company. The case has four color options: gold, black, green, and blue.

iphone 12 next to a coffee

The difference of this case model is expressed in a special additional strap that contrasts with the main color of the case. An extra feature is a more comfortable grip on the phone, which reduces the likelihood of damage. Like other models of this brand, it is made in France and very popular in Paris. It illustrates the contrasting colors of green and dark blue. The metalware is available in three flavors: gold, metal, and black.

The next case option is associated with a MagSafe wallet. There are special magnets inside the wallet that secure it to the phone. In addition, the wallet is made of alligator leather and is designed in Paris, France. To know more, search for an alligator iphone cases. Case option with MagSafe in blue as well as steel metalware and with MagSafe in brown and gold metalware.

iphone with magsafe wallet

The next model from the same manufacturer is distinguished by an unusual soft combination of a creamy pink case and a bright blue strap. Navy, green, red and light navy are other color options. Designed in Paris, these cases are made entirely of premium alligator super soft leather. The strap provides a more comfortable grip.

3 iphones with leather case and back strap

A great choice of a case if you want to impress those around you with bold colors. Cases with straps are especially popular if they have a strong contrast. Another option is the red alligator leather strap, and the case itself is made in soft green.

Other options for a case with pimples. The unique design is complemented by a harmonious combination of pink and red. An amazing example of combining a honey-colored case with a Navy strap. A perfect gift for family and friends.

2 iphones with leather case and back strap

If you want to combine style, reliability, and convenience, then the Double Card Cases are a perfect choice in navy and other colors. You can always carry the required credit cards with you if needed. Full brown alligator leather wallet with a distinctive logo. Metalware is black. Pink color case with green pocket for credit cards and case with two contrasting pockets for IDs, etc. The soft color combination, French design, and visionary style have a beneficial effect on the perception of your iPhone from the very first seconds.

3 iphones with leather case and credit card pocket

Honey-colored pouch with honey-colored pocket in supreme genuine alligator leather and other cases of similar colors (lighter and darker tone and a different pattern). They are good choices for a credit card or a driver's license.

3 iphones with leather case and credit card pocket

The Folio Case is a great choice for those who love multitasking. Cases of this series are made of alligator leather. It features a supreme genuine alligator leather exterior paired with Italian calf leather lining. There are models in grey, navy, red and dark green colors. Everything a true connoisseur of minimalism needs. The iPhone clips securely into the leather-bound cover. Designed and crafted by hand in Paris, France.

iphone cases in leather

The Pouch Case is designed using a special alligator leather processing technology. Special design makes this model a unique product among the existing analogs on the market. All models of this series are perfect for tourists who need to keep their phones close at hand, taking care of reliability and convenience. The covers blooms with a unique pattern for those who are always positive. Models in grey, red, pink and orange color.

iphone pouch cases in leather

A unique everyday accessory designed to keep your phone close at hand. Just throw the bag over your shoulder and enjoy the 100% comfort of the alligator leather case. The crossbody bag fits phones with or without a protective case.

iphone bag case in leather


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