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Build imaginary worlds online with Game Karma

Game Karma offers your children only the best games that allow them to get an exciting experience of building the best imaginary worlds with their friends.


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Some parents strictly forbid their children from playing computer games, believing that it is extremely harmful to the child. Thus, they deprive him not only of the opportunity to have fun with friends playing his favorite game, but also block those positive qualities that can be formed in a child thanks to computer games.

The Phenomenon of Computer Games: the Principle of Activism

Today it is already difficult to imagine, but once the world did not know about the cinema. Its development had a significant impact on culture, politics, economics, and other aspects of human life. However, cinematography has a significant drawback compared to computer games — it involves a passive viewer who only perceives the finished product.

Unlike cinema, computer games do not have spectators, but players. This means that the player participates in the co-creation of the plot with the authors of the game. The final result depends on his choice. This means that he can influence something and learns to bring a certain situation to the most pleasant result for himself. By playing computer games, the child learns to be the creator of his game world and his victories.

Game Karma offers your children only the best games that allow them to get an exciting experience of building the best imaginary worlds with their friends.

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Development of Observation and Alertness Through Computer Games

You will never develop your child's powers of observation by offering boring activities. When a child is bored with various educational toys that advertising actively imposes on you, his attention simply does not turn on. It is sleeping. In order for the child's attention to be activated, he needs to offer something interesting:

  • fascinating plot
  • favorite heroes worthy of emulation
  • opportunity to compete and win

When a child knows that a victory, albeit a small one, depends on his action, he is vigilant and attentive. He perfectly:

  • notices details that point the way to victory or, conversely, hinder it
  • learns to logically connect them, more deeply comprehending the causal relationship
  • learns to develop optimal strategies that can lead him to victory

Vigilance and observation are two important qualities that are very difficult to develop in conditions of a prosperous, safe life. In such conditions, nothing threatens and everything turns out by itself thanks to the efforts of parents. In a game situation, when not only the future fate but also the life of his game hero may depend on the choice of the child's action, these two qualities are effectively developing.

Let Your Kids Play the Best Games

The Game Karma platform offers the best games for all ages:

  • girls, boys, and their friends
  • parents and grandparents

Here everyone can find something to their taste. And it's best to play with the whole family because there are also multiplayer games on the Game Karma platform. Color your leisure time with games in different genres:

  • Action
  • Sport
  • Arcade
  • Puzzles
  • Shooter and more

Why waste your energy and emotions on bans if you can have fun with your children playing their favorite games. When you feel their charm, they will become your favorite games too.


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