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Best tips and tricks to watch Disney+ for Android devices

Learn our 7 tricks and tips to watch Disney Plus for Android devices so you can save your money, time, energy, enjoy the show fully and keep an eye on your kids.


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Instead of going straightforward, you must learn some tricks and tips to watch Disney + for Android devices so you can save your money, time, energy, enjoy the show fully and keep an eye on your kids.

Android is known to be the most user-friendly operating system. That’s because there aren’t any complexities and almost all the platforms have dedicated apps for it. If you get Disney Plus on Android, you can use some tips and tricks to enhance your experience.

Following are few tips that will help surely help you in watching Disney + on Android:

1. Download Videos

There is no restriction on watching shows and series online; instead, you can download them and watch them when there is no internet availability. You do not have to make much effort to download.

Just press the arrow icon, which is facing downwards, and the series will start downloading. Best of all, you can install the complete season with a single click if you do not want to download individual episodes separately.

Now, if you want to watch your downloaded content, then go to the downloads and type the name of the show in the search bar, and it will open. After viewing the show, you can delete it by going to the edit option.

2. Save your Data

Data MBs are very limited, and when we watch videos on them, they are consumed quickly. So if you want to save your MBs, then go to the setting and choose the option of wifi.

Now videos will only play when your mobile is using wifi signals. However, if you do not have a wifi facility, you can save your MBs. Open the app setting, then go to the cellular data usage and now click on save cellular data.

By doing so, your system will play only those videos that use fewer MBs and skip all high data using videos. If by chance you do not get many options, you can spoof your location for streaming geo-restricted content libraries.

3. Set up Multiple Profiles

Disney gives you the facility of streaming it online on 4 different devices simultaneously with a single account. Thus you can create 4 different profiles. If you do not know how then go to edit profiles and then set profiles.

For example, if your children are under 18, set a profile for them and restrict them to only a few shows that are appropriate according to their ages.

4. Customize Subtitles

If the show is not in your native language, then you can add subtitles. Click on the icon to add subtitles, which is present at the top right.

If you are using Disney + on the web, go to the gear icon to add subtitles. It provides you wide range of options like you can customize font size, colour, and style, etc

When you click on the add subtitles icon, it will ask you the language for subtitles. So choose the language you understand best. You can change subtitles language whenever you want.

5. Autoplay

Disney + gives full relaxation to its users; if you are watching a series and one episode ends, it will automatically play the next episode. This is how you will enjoy the complete series without any pause.

However, if you do not like this feature and want to reduce your kids' screen time, restrict autoplay. Go to your kids' profile and make changes.

6. Create a Watchlist

Suppose you are watching a show, and then you came across a show that you liked very much, but you do not have time to watch it. You can add it to wishlists.

At the side of the name of each sow, there is an option of plus click on it for adding it in the list of wishlist. Whenever you are free, open the wishlist from the sidebar menu and start watching your favourite show.

7. Watch BTS, Cut Scenes

People are very curious about some scenes and want to watch how they performed them, and they also want to see the offscreen activities of actors, but it is not possible on any other platform except Disney +.

Because it has added the features of extras where you can see behind the scenes, all the scenes that were shot but were cut later.

Final Words

You can use these simple tricks on Disney + and enjoy your screen time fully along with other daily life management like saving cellular data, save time, and strong parental control. In case you do not have Disney Plus in your region then you can unblock the Disney Plus service and watch all the latest movies and TV shows available on the platform.


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