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AI-Powered iOS applications for the modern world

The best iOS AI apps available for business and personal success are better than ever. Discover the top iOS apps you could be using today to take your business one step closer to your goals.

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The influence of artificial intelligence on modern computer apps empowers developers to create apps that expand a company's potential and reduce its reliance on additional work staff. There are AI apps that can spur creativity, increase production, and prompt employees to take better care of themselves.

AI in IOS Development

The excitement surrounding AI adoption in iOS development centers on AI's ability to make apps dynamic. Older apps were relatively static, treating each user like the previous one.

In contrast, AI's infrastructure of a large language-learning model keeps iOS AI apps in learning mode. They're always improving its analysis of you and your desires. In other words, it's like having a built-in artificial intelligence consulting company working for you.

10 Top AI Apps iOS

What do you need your apps to do? We've selected 10 fantastic apps that work on the iPhone that can enhance your life both professionally and personally.

1. ChatGPT

It is highly subjective to say what's the best AI app, but you can't have an honest discussion of apps without first mentioning ChatGPT. The advanced AI underpinning the app has garnered the attention of people of a cross-section of the public. The internet is loaded with accounts of ordinary people experimenting to see how they can use ChatGPT's knowledge base to enhance their studies, jobs, or hobbies.

You can use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for meetings, website content, press releases, and so forth. But your greatest use for the multi-purpose app will only present itself once you take time to challenge yourself to create more and more prompts.


If you like AI but have to work on PDFs, the app UPDF may be what you've been waiting to try. It includes editing tools plus the ability to recognize text from scans and pictures. It's AI technology also allows it to explain, summarize, and translate the PDF.

3. Youper

Youper uses cognitive-based therapy (CBT) to help people deal with mental health challenges. CBT works by helping people alter their way of thinking about themselves and the events of their lives. It can also include learning to change behaviors.

The app conducts conversations with the users to get to know them better, but, on the backend, it relies on human counselors. Professional therapists create mental health exercises and conduct behavioral practice sessions.

4. Replika

Not everyone can find emotional support in their daily lives. Replika offers an idealized best friend of your making. Choose the AI-generated image that will offer a listening ear and sympathetic remarks in response to your outpouring of your feelings.

Like all AI apps, Replika learns more about you as you interact with it. Your conversations become more personalized as the app develops a better idea of how you want your best friend to speak to you.

Marketing efforts for Replika focus on the app's potential for helping those dealing with mental distress who otherwise would refuse to talk to anyone about their problems, making it one of the top AI apps iOS.

5. Otter

Otter can help you much the way a personal assistant or personal secretary might. For example, the transcription app can record your business meeting and then convert the audio files into written notes and summaries. Otter works as a standalone product or in conjunction with several popular online meeting software, such as Zoom.


The most desired language to learn in the world is English. But it's hard learning to pronounce English words. Unlike languages such as Spanish and Swahili, English doesn't give you much of a clue about how to pronounce its vocabulary. So, learners must log extra hours of practice to enjoy smooth, trouble-free conversations with native speakers.

ELSA aims to make those practice sessions a little easier. The app can detect mispronunciations and correct the speaker. In time, ELSA recognizes wrong patterns in the learner's speech and tailors specific lessons to improve.

7. Google Assistant

You're probably so used to using Google that you don't think about the AI that helps Google Assistant respond to your search commands. It's the same AI that allows Google Assistant to integrate various devices throughout your home. One voice command to the app means AI apps iPhone users can remotely activate their garage lights, turn on soft music, and turn off the crockpot before they even leave the office.

8. KnowItAll

KnowItAll blurs the line between chatting to a human and talking to an AI app. It uses natural language processing to mimic humans. So, it can summarize a long-form article using language like a relaxed native speaker.

9. FitnessAI

If you don't have the time or money for a personal fitness instructor, FitnessAI can help you craft a custom workout. The apps also have millions of workout templates.

Each time you exercise, the app gains knowledge of your abilities. The app can plan your number of reps per set and a recommended weight.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is reminiscent of the most fussy but understanding English grammar teacher you ever had at school. It not only points out the basic errors most of us make on a daily basis but also spots the advanced rule violators that we didn't even know existed.

It's AI capability enables it to suggest better ways to write flawed sentences. You can direct Grammarly to create informal text for friendly emails or scholarly writing for more formal uses. The app can also scour millions of online documents to alert you to potential plagiarism issues.

Grammarly works within other programs so you don't have to leave an application to take advantage of Grammarly's suggestions. The app is also sensitive to local versions of English. This feature means, for example, that you can set Grammarly for British English but write a paper in American English. Grammarly will then tell you everywhere you need to change an American word or spelling to its British equivalent.

Benefits of AI Apps for iOS Users

AI-powered apps study your tendencies to create a predictive model of your next request. For example, when typing, AI can suggest the subsequent word. In more complicated scenarios, such as conversations, an app can answer your questions in a way it predicts you would want it to. It could respond straightforwardly, diplomatically, or sarcastically.

AI's behavioral analysis can increase your satisfaction with the product and your success rate using the app. It's the closest technology has yet come to the ever-present human personal assistant available around the clock without complaint.

Embracing the Rise of AI iOS Apps

Why embrace AI in iOS development? AI-powered apps can broaden your ideas of what your business has to offer. You could develop products of higher quality that give greater customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, you could also give tools to your staff that will lighten their load while extending their capabilities, making it easier to achieve both personal and business success.


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