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A detailed review of the game Player Unknown’s Battleground

The PUBG Mobile is more played and liked by players than its PC version.


pubg mobile game

The word gaming can be best described in one word – entertainment. Games, when started, were used as a means of relaxation for the mind after a pressure situation. Games were played after the mind and body underwent a thorough workout and playing games were the ways to become relaxed and rejoiced.

But if we look at the present times, the gaming industry has evolved to be something very big and wonderful. It is currently in its peak and has managed to provide much more things other than relaxation only. Gaming has now become an income source for many and the most unbelievable fact is that games are currently incoming a fortune!

If we look on stats, about a hundred thousands of games are released per year and only some of them become successful. One such game which became an instant hit is Player Unknown's Battleground or PUBG. It was first released on PC and can be called a PC game. But we know that not all games are limited to PC only.

Hence PUBG was launched for the mobile players too! And then started the story which will be remembered for years to come. PUBG was not that successful on the computer platform. But it became the ultimate game after it was launched on mobile.

For the new ones, here is a detailed review of the game.


PUBG is basically a battle royale game. Players have to fight out with 99 other players from worldwide to get what is called the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' which is the #1 tag. There are various weapons available and all of these have their own damage and use.

PUBG was first released on PC. It was played by about 5 million players worldwide within the first three days of its release. It was so well reviewed and liked than within a year of its release, it was the most demanded game. And this made the creators think of launching it on the mobile platform.

To be honest, the PUBG Mobile is more played and liked by players than its PC version.


The gameplay involved is almost similar to all other battle royale games like PUBG out there on the market. What makes it different and more preferred by others is the intensity the game provides. There is obviously a reason why it has been the Best Mobile Game since the last three years.

Coming to the gameplay, it is quite action packed and fast. Players are landed on a remote island with 99 other players (it is a lobby of 100 players bruh!) and all of them have to fight it out for the #1 tag. The game involves action in each and every second and there is basically two ways to win – survive and kill.


The game has a lot of features to provide. I've summarised them in points.

1. Maps

The game has a total of four maps to offer. At the start, it began with two of them. But as more updates came, two more maps were released as demanded by players. The for maps are named Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. While Erangel is a basic map with houses and buildings and towers, Miramar is a desert with a limited number of compounds. Sanhok is inspired from the forests and is full of trees and bushes with a touch of limited compounds. Finally Vikendi is a snow map.

2. Guns

character woman aiming at the pubg mobile

The game features a lot of guns out of which some are inspired from real life ones. The categories of guns are various:

  • Assault Rifles – Used for close range fast paced action. Include M416, AKM, Beryl M762 etc.
  • Submachine Guns – Used for close range combats. Include the Vector, Micro UZI, UMP45 etc.
  • Pistols – Used only for scaring enemies! Include P92, P1911, Desert Eagle etc.
  • Designated Marksmen Rifles – Used for mid and line range fights. Include DP28, Mini14, SKS etc.
  • Long Machine Guns – Used for killing enemies in seconds! Include M249, MK14.
  • Snipers – Used for long range headshots! Include Kar98k, M24, AWM.
  • Throwables – Used for hidden attacks. Include Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Stuns etc.

3. Game Modes

Various have modes are provided by PUBG. Some include permanent ones and some are time limited. Some of them are the Team Death Matches for improving fights, Arcade which involves surprise gun games, Sniper Training to bring out the sniper in you, War involving various areas of a map with different guns. Some time limited ones include the Payload mode where players can find RPGs and Grenade Launchers and the Zombie survival mode.

4. Others

Other features include the costumes and skins. Royal Pass enables players to purchase the RP to get various gifts like guns skins and various outfits and other perks. The game features its own currency – the Battle Points which can be used to but various perks. The Unknown Cash or UC enables players to buy various gun skins, outfits and perks which can't be bought using BP.


underwear character at the pubg mobile

After its release, the game has graphics just like any regular small sized mobile games. But with regular updates , the best of graphics came out. The are various graphic modes to choose from like Realistic, Colourful, Cartoonist etc. And these graphic settings have an impact on the FPS and gameplay.


PUBG was launched for all smartphones with awesome processors and big RAM capacity. This ensures lag free and smooth gameplay. But those with lower smartphone varieties perished. But then the creators came out with PUBG Mobile Lite which was designed solely for lower smartphone with 1 Gigs of RAM and some okay type processors.

Overall, the game is one of the best games that has ever been created (from my personal experience) and is a must play. PUBG has also provided career to many gamers where players use to stream the game You Tube and Twitch platforms. And various competitive tournaments allow players to showcase their talent on a global stage and income money as well!


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