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9 iPhone features you didn’t know about

Get the most out of your iPhone with these great tips! Looking for all sorts of tricks that lie not on the surface.


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Everyone has a great love for gadgets, but even more, everyone likes to dig into them, looking for all sorts of tricks that lie not on the surface. Some are insanely useful, others are occasionally handy, and still, others are just fun.

The wide-angle camera on any iPhone

One of the key features of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is the ultra-wide-angle camera, which allows you to capture more in a single shot.

It's also possible to take extra-wide-angle photos with previous generations of iPhone cameras, you just need to know-how. Panorama mode helps with this.

On the one hand, the horizontal interface does not imply that we will shoot a panorama vertically. On the other hand, no one prevents us to turn the smartphone 90 degrees and make a panorama by moving the smartphone from bottom to top and not from left to right.

This is especially useful for photographing tall buildings, lighthouses, steles, or any other objects that do not fit in the frame.

Document scanner

Unfortunately, in 2021 we still have to deal with paper and its scanning. Advanced users have already mastered scanning with special apps on the smartphone. iOS has such a thing by default because it is hidden in the Notes.

Go to Notes, click on the icon with the camera and select the item to scan documents.

To send this document in PDF format, click on the finished scan in the note, then on the share icon and send it any way you like.

It’s extremely useful in studying, especially during the pandemic when you need to send everything by mail. By the way, if you have no idea how to do your lessons, don’t forget that you can get professional help with English homework.

Identifying a song using Siri

Not many people yet use voice assistants, but they can be extremely useful in everyday life. A couple of years ago, Apple bought Shazam and built this service into Siri. That’s means, you don't need another app to determine what song is playing. Just ask Siri what the track it is, and it will tell you.

Slow shutter speeds

As you know, the built-in Camera app in iOS only has basic features, and you can't manually increase the shutter speed there. But you can use the Live Photo effect, which is called Long Shutter. The function will be useful shooting like waterfalls, fountains, river flows, rising smoke from pipes, or any other dynamic object.

The baby monitor or spy tool

If you have AirPods, you can activate a feature that allows you to broadcast all the sounds from the iPhone microphone to your headphones, and with noticeable amplification.

It's called Hearing, and you can find it by going to Settings - Controls - Customize Controls. Simply add Hearing to Controls and then activate it in the curtain.

It is useful for parents as a baby monitor - you can put a smartphone next to the baby, and with AirPods in your ears go to another room, but still hear what's going on there. This thing works

even with the display off, which means it is also a spy feature. The main thing is to use it only for good intentions.

Reject a call quickly

When you receive an incoming call while the device is locked, there is no button on the screen to reject it. Many people still get lost and drop the call either with a quick message or by setting a reminder to call back later.

But the easiest way is to press the lock key twice. And if you press the volume knob, the incoming call will continue to come in, but the sound and vibration will be turned off. Yes, it's very simple, but not everyone knows about it.

Sleep Timer for Music

Even though iOS in general is a logical and simple mobile OS, some functions are hidden in it in a way that you would never guess. For example, there is no sleep timer in the Music app itself, but it exists in the Clock app.

Deleting a program and saving its data

This trick will be relevant to owners of iPhones with a small amount of internal memory because such users regularly experience a lack of free space. In this case, you can take several apps and unload them, i.e. delete the application itself from the memory, but leave the data saved in it. To do this, go to Settings - Basic - iPhone Storage, select the rarely used apps and click on Download applications. The icon of the app will remain on the desktop, but during the next launch, the smartphone will first download it from the iCloud. In this case, all the data stored inside will remain untouched.

By the way, the process of ‘uploading’ apps can be automated, and then iOS itself will decide which programs to send to the iCloud based on how regularly they are used. The checkbox ‘Unload unused apps’ can be found under Settings - iTunes Store and App Store.

SMS delivery report

If in the days of social networks and messengers you still use regular SMS, then you will need this way to get a delivery report, because there is no way to activate this useful thing in the iOS settings. Just put an exclamation mark as the first character in the message, and then you won't have to wait long for the report (provided the message is delivered instantly).


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